Ferris State Wins Dean’s Cup

ferris state dean's cup winner

Congratulations to Ferris State University, the 2017 Dean’s Cup winner. They faced off against Arkansas State at the Winthrop Gold Course prior to the USDGC Rounds. Thanks to all four teams for participating. Here is a list of the members of each team: Ferris State University Carl Bouman Connor Gortsema Sam Mrdeza Patrick Nemmer Arkansas State University Kellan McCann Parker…

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Disc Golf, Togetherness, and Throw Pink

throw pink group small

Sharing disc golf, connecting with other women, and supporting a good cause. What could be better? Nearly 40 women did all of that and more during the Throw Pink Event in Rock Hill on Saturday, an event that aimed to connect females to the healthy sport of disc golf and help support the local initiative Project Pink, which helps uninsured women get…

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Turf Tees Take Foot at Winthrop

Hole 7

Winthrop Gold’s Hole 7 Green is good when it comes to a spotter’s flag after a shot. And, as Levi Bennett, will tell you, it’s also good when it comes to tee pads. This year several of the course’s tees and drop zone tees have been outfitted with special green Turf Tees that Bennett, owner of the Teebox Company, says…

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