How to Qualify

First Things, First: Get Qualified. To compete in the USDGC Main Event (Oct. 1-3, 2021), teams have to qualify through a local qualifier. Players, keep an eye out for qualifiers in your area at Disc Golf United.

If you don’t see one near you, encourage your local club to host a USDGC Qualifier. It’s fun and easy to run a qualifier and there is profit built into the event for the organizers to use as they see fit.

At each USDGC Doubles Qualifier, every player gets a custom USDGC Doubles premium disc. The Qualifier winners receive trophy medals and invitations to the USDGC Doubles Main Event in Rock Hill, SC.

USDGC Doubles Main Event Invites

The number of USDGC Doubles Invites are based on the qualifier’s size:

  • 0-14 teams = 1 team qualifies
  • 15-24 teams = 2 teams qualify
  • 25+ teams = 3 teams qualify

Exempt from qualifying, are the top three teams from last year’s event.

USDGC Doubles Main Event is All Amateur

Amateur status will be determined by PDGA Major event standards. Learn more about amateur eligibility here. Qualifying teams are expected to remain as a team for the USDGC Doubles main event.

USDGC Doubles is the event that kicks-off the USDGC’s annual Championship Week in Rock Hill, SC.
To compete in the USDGC Main Event, teams have to qualify through a local qualifier.
Round 1: Winthrop Gold Course.

Round 2&3: Canaan Riverbend Gold Course
Thinking about running a USDGC Doubles Qualifier? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to get started.