2015 Caddy Book

Hole 5 green entrance
Hole 5 green entrance

The 2015 Caddy Book is now finalized online. Looking inside you’ll see several tweaks to the holes, but course rules largely remain the same from last year.

*Note the Caddy Book has been revised since its draft posting.

Once again, yellow rope indicates hazard. Crossing it means playing from the lie with a one throw penalty. And, red rope indicates traditional OB unless otherwise noted. For holes 9, 10, and 12, players going OB will be limited to either throwing from the drop zone or throwing from their previous lie. On Hole 13, the right side OB is previous lie only.

For a hole-by-hole analysis of the ground rules look to the 2015 USDGC Caddy Book. Here is a rundown on this year’s changes:
• Hole 2: New hazard area midway up the hole on the right side to tighten up roller tee shots.
• Hole 5: A new tall mando pole near the green’s entrance will force players to throw over the water for their approach. The mando’s drop zone is also placed near the green’s entrance. There’s also an additional pin setting closer to the green’s nearby trees.

Hole 14
Hole 14

• Hole 7: New tee pushed 12 feet back.
• Hole 8: A new tee planned about 25 feet further back and to the left of the old tee attempts to mimic the tighter lanes from years past. The right side OB is hazard until it transitions to traditional OB near the baseball stadium’s fence.
• Hole 11: A roped area right of the fairway that starts halfway up the hole and continues past the pin, changes from traditional OB to hazard.

• Hole 14: Left hazard now starts at tee and forms a tighter fairway than 2014. The pin will also be elevated.
• Hole 16: There are now two new pin positions. One is nestled quite close to a tree by the green. Right side rope changes from traditional OB to hazard.
• Hole 17: Players down on their luck will get a little mercy. After five total OB shots they may proceed to the drop spot on the green.


Hole 17 green
Hole 17 green
Photographs by Chad LeFevre Photography
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