2020 Feature Card Preview


The USDGC is still months away, but you can get a glimpse now of who will be appearing in the USDGC’s Feature Card for Round 1. 

The first two competitors have already been decided:

1st person on card – James Conrad, Defending US Champion.

2nd person on card – Garrett Gurthie, Top Qualifier at Las Vegas Challenge (Feb. 20-23).

3rd person on card:

Fan vote after the Music City Open in Nashville, TN (Sept. 25-27), will determine the third member of the card. 

4th person on card:

The final member of the Feature Card will go to the Top Qualifier at Monday Qualifying (Oct. 5).

Stay Tuned for more

With only half the members of the card selected, the USDGC Feature Card is already shaping up. 

***Details on fan votes and other feature cards will be announced as the Road to the Championship winds ever closer to Rock Hill.

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