Coming to Winthrop? A Spectator's Guide

Now that you have secured your USDGC Pass and visit to the Winthrop Gold Course, here are some tips on how to best experience the Championship in person.

Bring a Hat (and other things to pack for your trip)

  •   Wear comfortable shoes / waterproof if available, especially for watching morning rounds with dew on grass.
  •   Bring umbrella.

Though conditions are expected to be dry, you may want to use your umbrella to block the sun. Temps for the first three rounds will be in the 90’s.

  •   Bring smart phone.
  •   Apply sunscreen 
  •   A bicycle is an excellent way to move about on this lengthy course.
  •   Drink plenty of water.

 Phone: Take me to Winthrop!

To get there, type this address into your phone:

Winthrop Coliseum. 1162 Eden Terrace. Rock Hill, South Carolina.

 Parking: Let’s Find a Place to Ditch Your Car.

Parking is free for the USDGC. However, we’re expecting a large turnout as always this year, so come as early as you can to ensure a spot.

Single Day Pass Holders:

Upon entering the Winthrop Recreation Area Complex, you will first arrive at the front gate. Once you pass through the gate, you are welcome to park anywhere in the Winthrop Coliseum parking lot. Enter the lake area and proceed along Eagle Loop Road to access the heart of the course.  

VIP Pass Holders:

VIP Pass Holders should proceed straight to the USDGC Gate. Present your VIP Pass or check-in to pick them up. Gate staff will direct you to the reserved, VIP tailgating area in the heart of the course, next to Winthrop Lake.

(You may also purchase event passes at the gate. A VIP Pass for the entire tournament is only $25. Daily regular passes are $10.)

Ready to Hit the Pavement?

Make your way to Hole 1 and the nearby Winthrop Shack aka the USDGC Pro Shop via the College Lake Road. At the Pro Shop, check out official USDGC discs, apparel and other merch inside this cozy building with a great outdoor patio for viewing the final hole. The Pro Shop is also where you sign up to play the Spectator Round on Sunday.

*Also, don’t miss the popular Distance Showcase after the final round on Saturday, in which participants launch drives over Winthrop Lake.

When is Paul McBeth Teeing Off?

Whether you want to follow the defending US Champion Paul McBeth or any other Championship competitor, you can find their tee time on Plan your trip accordingly. Look for each round’s tee times to be posted on the evening prior.

Need Medical Assistance?

Medical personnel will be available at the course at all times. Ask any member of our tournament staff for assistance.

Player Warm Up Area & Fan Zone New for 2019

Ever been to a pro golf tournament where the practice putting green is visible to fans walking by? That’s the idea the USDGC is going for with the new Player Warm Up Area. Along with several targets for putting, nets will also be available for players to throw a few practice drives. So, drop in here to see your favorite player get ready for their round.

The former holes 1 and 2 were removed to make room for this and provide a Fan Zone nearby. Here, fans can do a number of things including:

  •   Purchase food and drink including beer.
  •   Relax and watch the live coverage on TV.
  •   Peruse the wares of vendors set up nearby.

College Disc Golf

You can also expect to see teams from the USDGC’s annual college team exhibition, the Dean’s Cup, gather here too.

 Smartphone Sidekick

Make that cell phone of yours earn its keep at the course.

  • Watch the Live Broadcast of rounds 2, 3, and 4 from your phone.
  •   UDisc Live will provide the scoring and individual player stats.

Social Media: Tune into the several USDGC social media channels providing news, photos, and videos including:

For a complete list, go here:

Courtesy: Tips for Following a Group

Cell phone manners:
  •   Keep cell phones on silent.
  •   Taking pictures or video with your phone or camera is permitted. However, be mindful of where you are standing and the noise you are creating.
How to act:
  •   Do not crowd tee areas, baskets, or pathways in between.
  •   Stay on the “outside” of the white OB stakes or other spectator markings.
  •   Speak softly when in close range of players.
  •   Never pick up a competitor’s disc, even if it is out of bounds.
  •   Only ask for autographs after a player’s round is complete.

 Time to Watch Some Disc Golf

Now that you’ve gotten the Winthrop Gold Spectator briefing, you’re ready to hit the course. Go forth, be safe, and have an incredible time watching the best disc golf on earth!

Photographs by Chad LeFevre Photography
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