Lake Toss is One to Remember

The distance showcase after the USDGC provided amazement like always, but this year the showcase entitled Big Arm, Big Heart also provided a total of $1,600 to help put an end to breast cancer.

After emerging from the US Distance Competition (held prior) as the top four throwers, Simon Lizotte, Garrett Gurthie, Jeremy Koling, and Nikko Locastro (replaced an injured Steve Brinster) each had 12 discs to bomb over the Winthrop Lake on Saturday following the final round.

Fans had the opportunity all week to purchase these throws for a $20 Throw Pink donation. Each disc was autographed by one of the four throwers, and if it made it across the lake, the donator brought it home.

Throwers also had the possibility of raising $25,000 for charity if they landed a throw inside the one pink-banded DISCatcher Pro Target that was located among 50 pink DISCatcher Traveler targets specially arranged this year into the ribbon symbol associated with breast cancer awareness.

Nikko Locastro
Nikko Locastro

Though no one could land inside the $25,000 target, Koling did manage to throw a drive into one of the Travelers surrounding it, which was a first in the showcase’s history, according to announcer Brian Mace.
“Let’s hear it for Big Jerm,” said Mace while the crowd erupted with cheers.
Chris ‘Stick’ MacLeod, who donated for that throw, got to keep that Traveler target as well as the disc.

To watch Koling's awesome drive, check out McFlySoHigh's YouTube video.

2014 Performance Flight Champ Paige Pierce and Distance World Record Holder David Wiggins also joined the four finalists as the Bonus Throwers after Brad Tucker and Pete May teamed up with a $400 bid that nominated the two players into the showcase. The Bonus Thrower bidding process started at the USDGC’s Facebook page and then concluded at the USDGC Pro Shop before the showcase. Proceeds also went to charity.

Pierce and Wiggins split 12 discs and each of these throws were also purchased by fans for a $20 Throw Pink donation.
Right off the bat, Pierce, the first woman to appear in the event, became the first woman to throw across the lake. And she did it twice, according to Mace.

Mace said that a little more than 20 of the 60 total discs hit dry land. According to measurements, the shortest place to cross the lake is a 510-foot throw.

Photographs by Chad LeFevre Photography
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