Roc Resurgence

Glow big thumb
Glow Champion Roc with Modern Roc stamp

USDGC Champion Rocs have been a special, unique, and integral part of the Championship dating back to 2001. This year is no exception, with sales and interest at arguably an all-time high.
It doesn’t hurt that among the first 1100 discs released, 400 were Glow-in-the-Dark Champion Line in the original Rancho mold, an offering that has not been made since 2010. Well aware of how rare and collectible these discs are, USDGC Partner David McKibbin of San Antonio, gobbled up 33.

Stamped atop is a modernized Roc bird, outlined in bold and appearing as though it’s coming in for a landing. It was featured on both stamps (standard size and a mini version). Included in the release were 700 Champion Rocs (non-glow) with the identical stamps.

Roc collectors liked what they saw. Sales from the first 11 days met sales for all of last year, said DGU Administrator Adrian Southern. “I’ve been selling Rocs online since 2008 and I think this has been the best initial response from USDGC Partners so far,” said Southern, adding that the Glow Roc offering combined with excellent customer service and an influx of new USDGC Partners have all helped fuel the Roc resurgence.

The second release also sold well, which included 200 Will Schusterick Commemorative Rocs (2014 US Champion) and 510 of a brand new mold – the Champion Rocamonga with a USDGC  Rocamonga stamp.

Schusterick Commemorative stamp
Champion Roc with Schusterick Commemorative stamp

The support of USDGC Partners like McKibbin makes the Championship possible each year. And, keeping the Championship going is exactly why McKibbin will remain an active member of the program for years to come.
“The reason why I support the event is because it’s one of the best events in the world and it brings the top pros out. The discs are just the icing on the cake,” said McKibbin, who has purchased at least 50 each year since he became a Partner in 2010.

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USDGC Rocamonga stamp
Champion Rocamonga with USDGC Rocamonga stamp
Champion Glow Roc with Modern Roc Mini stamp
Glow Champion  Roc with Modern Roc Mini stamp


Photographs by Chad LeFevre Photography
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