Who Will Qualify on Monday?

Now that all of the regional qualifiers are complete, Monday Qualifying is the last chance to secure a spot in the 2015 USDGC Open Flight. Who will claim those last five spots on Oct. 5th?

Brian Schweberger
Brian Schweberger placed 2nd in  the 2006 USDGC.

Most of the world’s top players are now qualified including two of the winningest disc golfers of all time, Ken Climo and Barry Schultz, who dodged the Monday Qualifying bullet by earning spots at the final regional qualifier, the Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic in Appling, GA, (Sept. 11-13).

But, there’s still room for five more disc golfers. Some notables that have not gained entry yet are: former US distance winner Garrett Gurthie, 2013 US Masters Champ Brian Schweberger, and 2010 World Champ Eric McCabe.

Garret Gurthie
Garrett Gurthie

What about the young guns Anthony Barela and Izak McDonald, who slugged it out in the Amateur World Championships? Will they find their way to Rock Hill, S.C. for Monday Qualifying?
Europeans like Jalle Stoor and Janne Hirsimӓki haven’t gotten in yet, but will they take that long plane ride for a chance at Winthrop Gold? We’ll see. Anyone’s liable to make an appearance at Monday Qualifying.

Check out the Monday Qualifying page for more details.

Photographs by Chad LeFevre Photography
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