Once Approved You’re Off and Running.

Here are more Qualifier Details:

Registration at DGU

Setup online registration for your event at discgolfunited.com/events. Questions? Just give us a holler: usdoubles@innovadiscgolf.com. Here’s a list of the current qualifiers.

Qualifier Entry Fees

Entry fee is $30 minimum per team. Here’s how it’s broken down:

  • $20 per entry goes to USDGC Doubles to cover a premium custom disc per player and trophy medals for the teams who qualify.
  • $10 per entry stays with the event to use as you see fit.

Qualifying Event Player Packs

All players registered for the event are eligible for a USDGC Doubles Disc (custom stamped premium disc).

Contact us at least a week prior to your event to order player pack discs and trophy medals (for winning amateur team/teams). Payment for these items can be deducted directly from your DGU Registration funds to make this process quick and simple.

USDGC Doubles Main Event Invites

The number of USDGC Doubles Invites are based on the qualifier’s size:

  • 0-14 teams = 1 team qualifies
  • 15-24 teams = 2 teams qualify
  • 25+ teams = 3 teams qualify

For more information contact us.  usdoubles@innovadiscgolf.com