Since 2001 the USDGC Roc has been the primary source of funding for the event. Each year Innova Champion Discs donates special runs of Rocs that are offered to collectors and tournament supporters around the world. In 2005 the USDGC began producing official collector guides to help preserve run information and ultimately the value of these discs. You can find links to each of those guides below:

2020 USDGC Official Collector Guide

2019 USDGC Official Collector Guide

2018 USDGC Official Collector Guide

2017 USDGC Roc Collector Guide

2016 USDGC Roc Collector Guide

2015 USDGC Roc Collector Guide

2014 USDGC Roc and Commemorative Disc Guide

2013 USDGC Roc and Commemorative Disc Guide

2012 USDGC Roc

2011 USDGC Roc, December Partner Release

2011 USDGC Roc, “Champions Ring”, by Scott “Skeet” Scienski

2011 USDGC Roc, benefiting Special Olympics

2011 USDGC Roc, benefiting Rolling Thunder

2011 USDGC Roc, Spectator Release/Debut at 2010 USDGC

2010 USDGC Roc, Spring Release

2010 USDGC Roc, Spectator Release/Debut at 09 USDGC

2009 USDGC Roc, Spring Release
2009 USDGC Roc, Spectator Release/Debut at 08 USDGC

2008 USDGC Roc, Spring Release

2008 USDGC Roc, Spectator Release/Debut at 07 USDGC

2007 USDGC Roc, Spring Release

2006 USDGC Roc, Spring Release

2005 USDGC Roc, Spring Releas

2004 USDGC Roc*

2003 USDGC Roc*

2002 USDGC Roc*

2001 USDGC Roc*

*The USDGC did not begin to produce official collector guides until 2005. Information for the original “CE Rocs” in 2001 has been gathered by collectors over the years. Additional USDGC Roc information can be found at

Official USDGC merchandise is also available in the USDGC Pro Shop at Disc Golf United.

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