Always be considerate to competitors

  • Know where players are on the course
  • Keep cell phones off or silent
  • Speak softly when in close range of players
  • Do not crowd tee areas, baskets, or pathways in between
  • Never pick up a competitor’s disc, even if it is out of bounds
  • Only ask for autographs after a player’s round is complete


the yellow gallery rope

Do your best to stay on the “outside” of the yellow gallery rope. It is there for your safety.


Personal photography

Personal photography is accepted. Those with cameras should be mindful of the sound from your equipment. Commercial use of photographs is not permitted.


Personal video cameras

Personal video cameras are also allowed. Again, be sensitive to sound and proximity to competitors. Reproduction of video without authorization from Winthrop University, the Professional Disc Golf Association and the United States Championship is not permitted.


Do not litter

Do not litter. Anyone caught littering at Winthrop will be thrown in the lake.


Use common sense

Use common sense. If you think something may be wrong or distracting, you are probably right. Winning the US Championship means a great deal to these players. Please give all competitors the space and respect they deserve.


Drink plenty of water

Our bodies are made up of 70% water. You need it, H2O is important.


wear sunscreen

Let's keep the competitors fire, not your neck.


Have fun

We have a blast every year. Please visit us with the attitude to have some fun.