The tournament media team has published the round 1 play-by-play video of the defending USDGC Champion Will Schusterick's card. Check out the video below and make sure to subscribe to The SpinTV's YouTube account to get notified for new releases.

See all official USDGC 2015 videos here.

See below for some carefully curated snapshots from the 2nd round of competition by our staff photographer Chad LeFevre.

Update 10-9-15: 15 more photos added

Check out the top 5 shots we captured on the first day of the tournament, courtesy of Innova Champion discs.

Here it is - The Insider Show's recap episode from day 1 action. Join The SpinTV's own Jamie Thomas for insight, interviews, stats and analysis from the 1st round of USDGC 2015.

The SpinTV media team in association with "The Disc Golf Guy" Terry Miller caught up with some of the top names in the Open Flight right after returning their scorecards. Check out interviews with Will Schusterick, Paul McBeth, James Proctor, Nate Sexton, Henrik Johansen, Nate Doss & Ricky Wysocki in the playlist below. Direct links to each interview can be found behind the name of each player above.

The tee times for Thursday's round are available for the Performance Flight. You can download them here in PDF-format(more…)

The tee times for Thursday's round are available for the Open Flight. You can download them here in PDF-format. (more…)

Check our staff photographer Chad LeFevre's photos from the last practice day of USDGC 2015 below. Selected shots from the player's meeting are also included 🙂

Swedish Henrik Johansen had the perfect start to his first round of USDGC 2015. Henrik's controlled turnover shot found home inside the basket off the tee on hole 1, resulting in a respectable roar by onlookers on site. Check out the video below:

#teamlefty with an ace! Henrik Johansen of #prodiscus hits hole 1 to get this party started! #usdgc2015 #acevideo

— usdgclive (@usdgclive) October 7, 2015

The 2015 edition of United States Disc Golf Championship starts in just a few hours, but in the meanwhile you can tune in to The SpinTV's final round coverage from the 2014. The epic battle between lead card members Paul McBeth, Will Schusterick, Patrick Brown and JohnE McCray was captured in two parts, see both videos below: