Official 2023 USDGC Partners

One of the biggest factors behind the success and growth of the most prestigious disc golf event is a group you may not be familiar with - USDGC Partners.
Beginning in 2004, the Partner Program has provided USDGC supporters a chance to be an integral part of the event. Their sponsorship helps fund countless aspects of the event, which could range from staff meals to the live broadcast. As a benefit for their support, partners get unrivaled access to official USDGC discs and gear including first dibs at the USDGC Collector Series Roc releases.

Interested in becoming a Partner?

As a partner, you will enjoy the following benefits:
Early access to all USDGC Collector Series Offerings
Early access to other USDGC discs, merchandise, event passes, and more (at our discretion)
Opportunity to purchase discs featuring the exclusive '2023 Partner' custom stamp.
Exclusive 'Partner' USDGC event pass mailed prior to the event (VIP Pass equivalent)
Gold Pass upgrade opportunity - partners who purchase at least 10 or more Collector Series Rocs or the equivalent in USDGC merchandise ($250) between now and the event are eligible for a free Gold Pass in addition to their partner pass. Available for pick up at front gate only. Cannot be transferred or sold.
Recognition on USDGC Website
Other exclusive opportunities, discounts, and offerings - such as a post event clearance mystery box
5% reward points kickback on all USDGC purchases that can be used on other DGU merchandise
Flat rate shipping on all orders
New Partnership spots typically open up the first of the year, however, spots are very limited and often sell out. 
Get on the waiting list now to be notified when a spot becomes available.
Interested in who is a current USDGC Partner? Here is the complete list:

USDGC Partner Hall of Fame

The USDGC is in debt to every partner that has participated over the years. Learn more about the Partner Hall of Fame and its members here.
USDGC Creates Partner Hall of Fame

More about the USDGC Champion Roc

Over the years, partners have had access to all kinds of Championship related Innova discs, however the most coveted discs available are the USDGC Collector Series Roc. In 2001, USDGC officials came up with the idea to offer Champion Rocs exclusively as an annual fundraiser for the USDGC. It was a strange notion back then, but it caught on. Many past USDGC Rocs have become prized collector pieces. The discs continue to be the event’s chief source of funding today.

The prized Rancho mold:There have been several Roc molds used in the program’s history, but the most popular Champion Roc has always been the Rancho mold. To this day, the only way to get a new Champion Rancho Roc is through the USDGC.