October 10th – 13th

2024 United States Disc Golf Championship

The 30th Major at The Arena Course Winthrop University

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Fresh & Now evening Concert Series

Get ready to ignite your nights at Championship Village with our electrifying Fresh & Now concert series!

Picture this: as the last putt of the day drops, the real party kicks off. We’ve curated an incredible lineup of artists who will keep the disc golf celebration alive and rocking long into the night. This isn’t just an after-party; it’s the ultimate fusion of sport and music, creating memories that will resonate long after the final chord is struck.

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Kyle Klein on hole 5

Who Won the 2023 TPWDGC/USDGC?

October 8, 2023

The championship's thrilling conclusion unfolded during the final round. As the day began, no participant held a substantial enough advantage to claim victory with certainty. Recognizing this as a chance…