2024 United States Distance Championship

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Qualifying Round – TBD 2024

In the qualifying round, the top 6 throwers in the Open Division and the top 3 throwers in the Women's Open Division will advance to the Finals.
Individual tee times will be emailed to all participants that are competing in the United States Distance Championship 2024 and posted on USDGC.com
We ask that you get there at least 30 minutes before your tee time for a quick interview and for us to gather information on the discs you will be throwing.
We will have a PA system to announce who is throwing next (and who is on deck)
Throw nets will be available for warming up and there are several empty fields to also warm up on.
Once the event starts, there will be NO WARM UP THROWS thrown on the distance course.
You must be present and ready to throw when your name is called.
You must bring a minimum (5) five discs to throw.
You will be asked to throw one or two warm up shots into a net using the TechDisc to measure the spin on your throws.
Once your clock starts, You will have three (3) minutes to get off all 5 of your throws (36 seconds per throw)
Your throws will also be clocked for speed by the Pocket Radar system and recorded.
You will NOT be allowed to go and retrieve your favorite disc to throw it again.
After you throw all your discs, only your farthest throw will be measured.
Once the clock expires, your turn is over.
Your discs will be returned to you immediately after your turn.
We will have a leaderboard on site showing the current top 6 Open and top 3 Women's Open throwers.
In case of a tie, each thrower will have two tiebreaker throws.
We ask that whoever is on the leaderboard stay in the vicinity of the competition. Once you are knocked off the leaderboard, you are free to leave.
The finals will start 15 minutes after the qualifying round ends at approximately 5:30 PM.

Final Round: TBD 2024

The top 3 throwers in the Women's Open Division and top 6 throwers in the Open Division, will then start over and throw another round of (5) five throws to determine the Champion. Qualifying scores do not count towards your finals distance score. The order of throwers in the finals will be based on the reverse order of their qualifying distance.
Each thrower will have 3 minutes to throw 5 discs.
Notes: This will be covered by the Disc Golf Network and a post-produced video will follow.

US Distance Showcase

The top 4 finalists of the Open Division and the top 2 finalists for Women's Open Division will all participate in the Distance Showcase on Sunday night 10/8 on the stage near the 18th hole after the end of the USDGC.

2023 United States Distance Championship

The title of US Distance Champion is on the line at the 2023 United States Distance Championship!

Men's Division

David Wiggins Jr. — 651'

Women's Division

Eliezra Midtlyng — 514'

2022 US Distance Championship Winners

David Wiggins Jr. — 698'
Ella Hansen — 552'

2023 US Distance Championship Results

Men's Division

David Wiggins Jr — 651'
Rasmus Saukoriipi — 638'
Hjalte Jenson — 624'
Jake Hebenheimer— 602'
Jasper Tyll — 596'
Ryan Mulder — 587'

Women's Division

Eliezra Midtlyng — 514'
Ella Hansen — 473'
Henna Bloomroos — 443'

United States Distance Championship History

David Wiggins Jr. - 2022
Albert Tamm - 2021
Garrett Gurthie - 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Simon Lizotte - 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019
Avery Jenkins - 2000, 2005, 2006
Alex Geisinger - 2015, 2017
Nikko Locastro - 2016
Ella Hansen - 2022
Natalie Ryan - 2021