As a Commentator Jenkins Relies on Playing Experience

When a player steps up to the tee at the USDGC in a do or die moment, many might wonder what’s going on in that player’s mind. Odds are good that Disc Golf World Tour broadcaster Avery Jenkins has a pretty good idea.

Jenkins doing his thing at the European Masters

Jenkins, who was named DGWT co-commentator early this season, brought his 18-year pro career to the World Tour mic with commentating duties that include Facebook Live sessions, DGWT Wrap Up Shows, player interviews, and more.

Through Jenkins’ experience he’s found his own style.

“I try to create excitement of the action and relay that energy into the coverage. I think that spectators want to know as much as possible about the match up on the card, the battle between the players, the history of the course and/or event – aside from the obvious action on the course,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins’ Winthrop playing days likely over

Expect to see Jenkins all over Winthrop Gold as the tournament continues through the week. Being so close to the action and not playing won’t be easy for Jenkins who’s had some great USDGC outcomes like back to back second place finishes in 2007 and 2008. But, he realized during the USDGC’s final round last year that it would be his last as a player even as he was one of six players to finish under par during tough wet conditions.

“Even though I qualified for this year’s USDGC, it’s just special being here again,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins is able to tap into the minds of players

For Jenkins, commentating was never something he thought he’d do, but it fits nicely. His disc golf experience, including three major wins, allows him to describe the situations disc golfers find themselves in and how it affects them mentally. Plus, the 2009 World Champ is able to add unique details like how a player may be reacting to recent finishes.

Check out Jenkins in action during a lead up video to the USDGC

“My disc golf experience allows me to describe the situation and quite possibly the current emotion level that the player might be dealing with at the moment, being that I’ve been in those positions many times throughout my career,” said Jenkins.

So when Eagle McMahon or Ricky Wysocki or any number of players find themselves in a pivotal situation, Jenkins will be able to share with the audience what’s likely going on in their head.


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