COVID-19 General Guidelines for Players & Staff

At the USDGC we’re doing our best to ensure players and staff stay safe during Championship Week amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe this can be accomplished if everyone – competitors and staff – take precautions seriously.

Here is a look at general guidelines that will be exercised throughout Championship Week (Oct. 2-11) for everyone involved.

More Details

Keep in mind, each Championship Week event including US Doubles, Monday Qualifying, the USDGC and Women’s National Championship, the Throw Pink Women’s Event, and Fan Appreciation Day will have more event specific COVID-19 guidelines available to the players.

Know the Symptoms

If you feel sick or you feel you have been in contact with someone infected with COVID-19, whether you are a competitor or a staff member, report your condition to USDGC officials. Do not come to the Winthrop Recreation Area.

Contact: Event Director Jonathan Poole:

Pay attention to the following symptoms: Fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, headache, and new loss of taste or smell. For a full list of COVID-19 symptoms visit the CDC.

Restricted Access

Also keep in mind that due to limitations from the pandemic, only registered players and approved staff will be allowed to enter the Winthrop Arena Course. This means no spectators will be attending Championship events and competitors may not be accompanied by caddies, friends, family, etc.

*Only pre-approved volunteer staff members will be permitted on the Winthrop Arena Course. Do not come to the course unless you have already been approved in advance. 

Arriving at Winthrop

In order to gain entry to the Winthrop Arena Course each day of Championship Week, all players and staff must undergo a brief health screening.

Facial Coverings

Anyone on the Winthrop Recreation Property will be expected to wear a face covering provided the use of a face covering will not otherwise jeopardize the individual’s health. Players will be encouraged to wear face coverings anytime they are not actively throwing shots.  

Social distancing

Even though a mask mandate is in place, all in attendance at each Championship event should still practice physical distance as much as possible. Be responsible and strive to maintain a minimum of 6 feet from others.

*Hand sanitizers will be positioned at every hole.

Food & Drink

Unlike previous years, there will be no catering or concessions on site. All competitors and staff should plan on bringing food, drinks, and other items necessary to be comfortable throughout the day.

Hands Off

Competitors will be expected to touch only their equipment and staff will also be asked to only touch their belongings and materials for their duties.

Scaled-Down USDGC

Unfortunately, many of the USDGC’s celebrated traditions will not be possible this year. The following have been suspended for 2020.

·   Opening Ceremony

·   Closing Ceremony

·   EDGE Instructional Village

·   Distance Contest

·   Big Arm – Big Heart Distance Showcase

·   On-site Pro Shop

·   Shuttle service between the parking lots and the Winthrop Shack

Extreme Weather

If there is extreme weather during Championship Week (lightning storm, hurricane, tornado, etc.), the Winthrop Coliseum will be available for shelter. Keep in mind, social distance guidelines will remain in effect inside the arena. Face coverings must be worn at all times while inside the Coliseum. USDGC social media channels will alert players and staff during these scenarios.

No Mobile Offices This Year

There will be no mobile offices on site in 2020. The tournament staff will operate out of the Olde Stone House behind the green of Hole 9. Only authorized staff will be allowed inside. 

An official scoring area will be positioned outside of the Winthrop Shack, near the upper part of Hole 18 fairway. 

Note that the Winthrop Shack will serve as a media hub in 2020 as opposed to the traditional USDGC Pro Shop. The interior of the Shack is only accessible for select members of our media team. 

Let’s Play!

Even with these restrictions and the loss of some of our favorite traditions, Championship Week is still building up to be another incredible experience. We believe that with the help from all of our competitors and staff we can make this Championship Week – even amid the current challenges – safe and special for everyone involved.