Live Video Overview

‘Back to the Studio on Hole 17’

A studio booth on Hole 17? That’s right. USDGC veteran broadcasters Jamie Thomas and Avery Jenkins will anchor the live broadcast starting Friday for Round 3 and will continue for the final round on Saturday.
Look for the broadcast to begin around 11:30 (Est) at the Innova YouTube channel and the Innova Facebook Page.

The studio tent has been constructed near the green of Hole 17 and it will be the hub of the live show. Along with Thomas and Jenkins leading the coverage and speaking to a range of guests like Ken Climo, the hole itself will be a recurring character in the broadcast
“For everyone that knows about the USDGC, it’s the hole that makes it or breaks it,” said Luke Johnson, co-founder of Fulcrum Media, which will be broadcasting the event.

Live video coordinator Luke Johnson (left), of Fulcrum Media, and others prepare the Hole 17 studio set on Tuesday.

Live at Winthrop

Several cameras will be focused on the hole, including one positioned behind the tee pad at shoulder height so it can capture each player’s drive to the treacherous island green. Holes 1, 5, and the tee shot of hole 18 as well as parts of other holes will be covered.
Not only will disc golf action be available, but Fulcrum also wants to reveal the personalities and the stories of the sport to the greater audience beyond disc golf.

Fulcrum has Ultimate background

Johnson and Fulcrum haven’t covered disc golf before, but they do have lots of experience in another disc sport, Ultimate Frisbee. They have brought high level production to its coverage of the American Ultimate Disc League.
Though Ultimate takes place on a different setting (1 field), the two sports share in the goal of gaining more viewers, said Johnson.

Here’s a look at some of Fulcrum’s past work:

Live drone footage

Something they’ve had success with on the Ultimate field is the use of a drone for live shots, which hasn’t been done with disc golf coverage before, said Johnson.
They’ll be using drones with interchangeable lenses that will hopefully be able to zoom in and capture player reactions and the flight of discs.
Johnson says the biggest challenge when covering a disc golf event is providing the production value on a course that’s quite large and doing that on a budget. But, he said they’re up for the challenge.