Showcase Begins with Open Launch Pad

Want to know what it feels like to take a drive across the Winthrop Lake with a packed USDGC crowd at your back? Well, you’ve got your chance after the USDGC’s last putt drops.

View from the Lake toss launch pad
Last year’s view from the Lake toss launch pad.
For the first 20 minutes of Discmania and Innova’s Big Arm Big Heart distance showcase, the lake launch pad will be open to anyone for a $20 Throw Pink donation per throw.
Discmania has provided S-Line DD2 discs for the showcase. Throwers keep any discs that clear the lake and any Traveler target they land in.
The $25,000 DISCatcher Pro target for charity will only be eligible for the four US Distance finalists and the Dark Horse thrower. However, that shouldn’t stop any man or woman from stepping onto one of the greatest stages in disc golf to show how big your arm is … and your heart.