Take Part in USDGC with Chains for Charity

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Looking for a fun way to donate to charity and another reason to keep a closer eye on USDGC action this year? Well, Chains for Charity is it. With Chains for Charity, USDGC fans just like you will pick a USDGC player to follow, then donate a contribution based on the number of birdies, eagles, and aces that player produces during the event.

Your contribution will go toward two nonprofits: Educational Disc Golf Experience (EDGE), which brings disc golf to schools, camps and youth organizations; and Throw Pink, which encourages women and girls to get out and be more physically active through disc golf while promoting women’s health Initiatives.

Hurry. You must enter before Round 1 on Wednesday to get in on the fun and prizes.

St Albion Disc Golf Club

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register as a Contributor for Chains for Charity on DGU.
  2. Choose a registered USDGC player to follow.
  3. Choose a contributor level amount to donate per Birdie Point for your USDGC player during competition. Contribution levels can be just $.50 per Birdie Point or $1 per Birdie Point, or higher amounts, too (More about Birdie Points below). Check the DGU registration page for a full list of contribution levels.
  4. Tune into UDisc Live during the USDGC to follow your players Birdie Points in real time.

Here’s how a player racks up Birdie Points (which are based a player’s score relative to par):

BIRDIE = 1 Birdie Point

EAGLE = 2 Birdie Points

ACE = 3 Birdie Points

Here’s an example: Say, you picked Nate Sexton last year. He accumulated 41 Birdies, which meant 41 Birdie Points. Those who pledged $.50 per Birdie Point would contribute a total of $20.50 to charity, those who pledged $1 would contribute $41.

koling 2016 usdgc

Contributors can win too!

EDGE and Throw Pink won’t be the only ones benefiting from this promotion. Those who contribute are eligible for awesome prizes.

Prizes include:

  • (10) 20-Year USDGC Collector’s Disc with autographs from all former USDGC Champions for the Top 10 Paid* Contributors.
  • Innova DISCatcher Pro-28 Target for the contributor that correctly selects Birdie Point Champion Player. (Tie-Breaker will be closest to correct winning score. In case of multiple ties, random drawing from eligible pool of participants).
  • Innova DISCatcher Pro-28 Target for contributor that correctly selects player that wins USDGC. (Tie-Breaker will be closest to correct winning score. In case of multiple ties, random drawing from eligible pool of participants).
  • Other prizes too.

Look to the Chains for Charity Facebook page for more information and updates.

Grow the game, grow the sport

EDGE Coordinator Jay “Yeti” Reading, who is leading the Chains for Charity Promotion, said the idea was inspired by a similar promotion at a pro golf event in Iowa where he grew up.

“I just thought it was awesome,” said Reading.

Reading said the goal here is three-fold: Grow the game by supporting non-profits like EDGE and Throw Pink whose mission is to bring new players into the game; grow the sport by getting more people involved in the top level of professional disc golf and the players within it; and support the USDGC.

“This is another way to drive disc golf fans to tune into the USDGC and be a part of it no matter where they live,” said Reading, adding it will also be enjoyable for USDGC players.

“I think it will be fun for the players. I’m playing. And every time I line up for a 30 or 40-footer, I’m gonna be like I need to make this putt for charity,” said Reading.

Rewards for players, too

Top performing USDGC players will also be rewarded. Cash bonuses will toward the USDGC player with backing contributors that accumulates the most Birdie Points and the player used to contribute the most donations.

For more information visit the Chains for Charity Facebook Page and the DGU Registration page.