USDGC Stats & Trivia

When the USDGC needs some serious stat number crunching, it turns to the Championship’s official record keeper Lowe Bibby. Over the years he’s compiled numerous stat gems. This year, we asked him to give us some of his favorites. The days leading up to the USDGC, we posted his stats and trivia to get disc golf fans pumped up for the Championship. Now, here are most of the stats compiled together.

(The first section lists some epics feats performed by the USDGC’s legendary players. The second section are trivia questions. See how many you can get right. )

Epic Winthrop Feats

Epic shot: Eagle McMahon’s 2016 monster drive on hole 18 in round 2. Harold Duvall said that it was the most impressive drive that he has ever seen at the USDGC. It was also the longest drive ever seen on hole 18, approximately 570 feet, uphill!

Epic hole: Albatross- On hole 12, in round 2 in 2008, Tim Skellenger recorded the only USDGC albatross (Double Eagle) when he scored a 2 on the 901 foot par 5 hole.

  • Honorable mention- in later years hole 12 was changed to a par 4. In 2016 Stephen Schroeder also scored a 2 on this hole, but this time his epic score was an eagle.

Epic hole: Hole 5, in 2013 round 4, Paul McBeth’s second shot was a long bomb over the lake, and he proceeded to can his eagle putt – the only player to do so that year.

Lowest score for a string of holes: In 2012, round 4, Ricky Wysocki played the 4 holes from 10-13 at -7 after 3 eagles (on 10, 12, 13) and 1 birdie!

Best start of a round: In 2009 round 4, Josh Anthon was -16 after 16 holes! (Birdies on 1-9, par on 10, birdie on 11, eagle on 12, birdies on 13-16.)

Best finish to a round: In 2008 round 2, Nate Doss was -12 on the final 12 holes of 7-18! On the back 9 he was -9 with 7 birdies and 1 eagle (hole 12).

4 rounds of 9 under par or better:

  • 1999, Ken Climo: -12, -13, -14, -9
  • 2012, Will Schusterick: -9, -11, -15, -13
  • 2012, Ricky Wysocki: -11, -13, -9, -13
  • 2012, Josh Anthon: -11, -13, -11, -9

Best start of the tournament: In 2012, Josh Anthon was -32 after 48 holes! He didn’t take a bogey until the 3rd round, his 49th hole (no. 13), and had 3 eagles.

Best finish of the tournament: In 2012 Paul Ulibarri had no bogies for his final 43 holes; over these holes he had 32 birdies. Paul’s last hole over par was a bogey on hole 11 of Round 2! He finished at -41 for 4th place!

USDGC Trivia

Q: Who was the youngest winner? A: Will Schusterick, age 18 (born 1992) when he won in 2010

Q: Who has the most Top 10 finishes? A: Barry Schultz has 12 Top Ten finishes

Q: What was the highest finish by a female player in the traditional USDGC format? A: Juliana Korver finished 37th in 2000 (out of 82 players; she beat Avery Jenkins and Dave Feldberg. But Juliana finished ahead of more players in 2001 when she finished 50th out of 123; that year she tied Nate Doss.)

Q: What is the average round rating of winners of the Championship? A: 1051 (Range of 1035-1063)

Q: Who has the most rounds of 11 under par or better? A: Ken Climo has 10 (1999 [Rd1, Rd2, Rd3], 2000 Rd3, 2003 Rd2, 2004 Rd1, 2005 Rd 1, 2007 [Rd3, Rd 4], 2008 Rd 4)

Q: What was the highest score on a hole? A: 26 on hole 17 in 2007.

Q: Who is the only player who has completed every USDGC? A: Barry Schultz

Q: What was the lowest under par winning score? A: -48 by Ken Climo in 1999 and Will Schusterick in 2012.

Q: What was the largest margin of victory?  A: 15 throws, by Ken Climo in 1999

Q: What was the highest finish by a Monday qualifier? A: 3rd place by Josh Anthon in 2012. He led the tournament after rounds 2 and 3.

Q: Who was the youngest to play in the USDGC? A: David Wiggins Jr. was 13 years old when he first played the Championship in 2008.

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