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Welcome to The USDGC

Winthrop University and the city of Rock Hill are honored to once again host the USDGC. Preparations are well underway for what will be the 29th Major Championship at Winthrop. Along with tournament partners and staff, we look forward to providing you with a truly memorable tournament experience. If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Jonathan Poole
USDGC Co-Founder & Event Director

USDGC Competitor Information

Thank you for making the decision to join us at Winthrop this October. Our team is working extremely hard to ensure your experience is as memorable as possible. I wanted to reach out with some of the more critical updates you should be aware of.
United States Distance Championship

US Distance Championship - Open & Open Women

We are ramping up the US Distance Championship in a big way, courtesy of Zuca, Sun King, and DoubleG Craft Jerky. The competition is scheduled for Monday, October 3rd. No entry fee is required for USDGC & TPWDGC competitors. However, you must let me know if you plan to compete. Call, text, or simply reply to this email to confirm your spot. Please note that this contest is how you punch your ticket into the Distance Showcase from the award stage on Sunday night, which will be included in the Disc Golf Network live stream.

New Private Entrance to Player Hospitality Area

We have created a new entrance to the Winthrop Golf Course that enables you to drive directly into the Player Hospitality Area. You will only use the Ivy Street (see photo attached) entrance on October 6-9, the actual dates of Championship play. This road was important for several reasons. It eliminates traffic and distractions on Holes 4, 5, 6, and 7. You will be able to come and go easily, bypassing the front gate and spectator traffic. Note that anyone traveling with you daily is considered part of your "competitor bubble" and does not need a ticket.

Opening Ceremony

Since we are moving to a Sunday finish, the Opening Ceremony will now take place on Wednesday night. The ceremony will begin promptly at 7 PM and will last no longer than 45-minutes. We will move quickly so you can refocus on the task at hand. Our plan is to have the ceremony at the new Fan Hospitality Pavilion in Championship Village, directly behind Hole 7 tee. There will be plenty of parking in the Gold Pass lot, directly across from the entrance to Championship Village. A map of Championship Village is attached for your reference.


You will receive one caddie credential in your player pack on Wednesday evening. Those credentials should be worn by the caddie or affixed to your golf bag or cart during competition. We are also providing caddie bibs. All caddies must wear a caddie bib during the rounds. This is an important step in helping fans better distinguish who is who inside the ropes.

Rules for Inside the Ropes

Pageantry and entertainment are more important than ever, particularly at Pro Tour events and PDGA Majors. To ensure the best possible experience for fans at the course and those streaming online, competitors may only be accompanied by their caddie during competition. Friends, family members, and your co-competitors must remain outside the ropes when following your group.

Chad Sullivan, Director of Athlete Experience

We are pleased to announce that Chad Sullivan will be returning as our Director of Athlete Experience. Chad will spend most of his time in the Player Hospitality Area, ensuring you have everything you need. You can reach Chad on his cell at 978.790.3025. Chad is also the Tournament Director of the Myrtle Beach Open, an event that has quickly become a fall favorite to end the year.
Email Chad

USDGC Competitor Entrance

Our competitors mean everything to the USDGC. We want to make sure that you can slide into the course with no headaches. We have opened up a backdoor entrance to parking for you to bypass all the anxiety of getting through traffic.

What is Changing for this year?


All competitors are required to attend an abbreviated Opening Ceremony on Tuesday 10/5 at the award stage outside the Winthrop Shack. We will begin at 7:00 PM. Tee times for Wednesday’s opening round will be announced at that time.*

US Distance Championship

This year we will crown both an Open and Open Women’s US Distance Champion. The contest will be held on the Winthrop Golf Course next Thursday 10/7 from 12:00 PM until an hour or so after play concludes for the day. There is no charge to participate. Open Payout: $500 / $300 / $200. Open Women Payout: $500 / $300.

US Distance Showcase

The top 3 Open and top 2 Open Women finalists in the distance competition will be invited to participate in the Distance Showcase on Friday night, immediately after the round. Each competitor will have 5 attempts to clear Winthrop Lake from the award stage flight deck. This event will air live on the Disc Golf Network.

Big Arm. Big Heart

(Benefitting Throw Pink) - This event will take place immediately after the Closing Ceremony on Championship Saturday. All competitors, fans, and tournament staff will have an opportunity to throw from the award stage across the lake. A $10 donation to Throw Pink is required to take the stage.

Putting Contest

This year we will crown both an Open and Open Women’s US Putting Champion. The contest will be held in Championship Village (formerly the EDGE Village, behind Hole 7 tee) throughout each day of the tournament. The contest is open to all competitors, fans, and tournament staff. There is no charge to participate.
* Note: Should the weather not cooperate for the Opening Ceremony, we may opt to cancel. Should that happen, your Wednesday tee times will be made available online at,, and We will collect tax information and payout preferences in the PDGA scoring trailer as the week goes along.

Other essential announcements:

Player Check-In will be at the Shack on TBD. If you are not able to attend, please let Chad or me know as soon as possible.
Anyone traveling with a competitor to the course each day is considered to be part of the athlete’s “bubble” and does NOT need a ticket. Anyone traveling separately is required to have a credential of some type.
Parking credentials for all competitors will be available after the Opening Ceremony and will be required to enter the lakefront area during the days of competition.
Champions of both events are required to attend a brief autograph session immediately following the Closing Ceremony. This is a benefit to our Gold Pass ticket holders.
Competitors are welcome to capture content for social media sharing, providing it is not used for commercial purposes and you are not interfering in any way with other competitors during their practice rounds.
Player Packs may be picked up in Championship Village beginning Wednesday, 10/6. There are two different shirts for you. We want to make sure everyone has the style and size that you like most.
There is a $2500 bounty for an ace on Hole 7 courtesy of LWS Tax & Accounting. If multiple aces are hit that bounty will be split evenly between competitors carding aces during the week.
Practice is NOT allowed on the Winthrop Arena Course before tournament rounds or until the last putt has dropped for the day.
If you have questions about the course, please review the Caddie Book. We will also be available to take course-related questions following the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday evening. There is also a comprehensive ground rules document available here.
Lost and found is located inside the PDGA Scoring Office. If you find a lost disc on the course, please be courteous to your fellow competitors and return it. We also have a designated staff who will be raking the lake for discs, all of which will be returned to you. Winthrop University does not allow anyone in the lake at any time unless approved by the University in advance.

USDGC Registered Competitors

Ezra Aderhold
Carter Ahrens
Joseph Anderson
Niklas Anttila
Gregg Barsby
Gavin Babcock
Anthony Barela
Ian Burchett
Steve Brinster
Benjamin Callaway
AJ Carey
Linus Carlsson
James Conrad
Jacob Courtis
Chris Dickerson
Corey Ellis
Garett Everson
David Feldberg
Noah Fiveash
Mason Ford
Joel Freeman
Chandler Fry
Drew Gibson
Thomas Gilbert
Aaron Gossage
Ilkin Groh
Adam Hammes
G.T. Hancock
William Hannu
Austin Hannum
Alden Harris
Travis Head
Jason Hebenheimer
Calvin Heimburg
Joona Heinanen
Brandon Holsworth
Luke Humphries
Tuomas Hyytiäinen
Kevin Jones
Kevin Kiefer III
Cody Kirkland
Kyle Klein
Jeremy Koling
Chandler Kramer
Paul Krans
Kristian Kuoksa
Lauri Lehtinen
Chris Lemons
Simon Lizotte
Väinö Mäkelä
Andrew Marwede
Paul McBeth
Jesse Nieminen
Eric Oakley
Paul Oman
Connor O'Reilly
Max Regitnig
Matt Orum
Andrew Presnell
James Proctor
Nathan Queen
Gavin Rathbun
Cole Redalen
Ezra Robinson
Isaac Robinson
Justin Rosak
Alex Russell
Henar Ruudna
Mike Sale
Luke Samson
Barry Schultz
Nathan Sexton
Brodie Smith
Evan Smith
Albert Tamm
Matt Thompson
Sullivan Tipton
Austin Turner
Paul Ulibarri
Knut Valen Håland
Joe Vander
Mauri Villmann
Parker Welck
Bradley Williams
John Willis II
Scott Withers
Ricky Wysocki
Alex Ziros