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Welcome to The USDGC

Winthrop University and the city of Rock Hill are honored to once again host the USDGC. Preparations are well underway for what will be the 28th Major Championship at Winthrop. Along with tournament partners and staff, we look forward to providing you with a truly memorable tournament experience. If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Jonathan Poole
USDGC Co-Founder & Event Director

Congratulations on qualifying

Congratulations on qualifying for the 23rd United States Disc Golf Championship at Winthrop University. Before everyone arrives in Rock Hill, here are some important details we would like you to be aware of.
First and foremost, the USDGC strives for an unparalleled athlete experience. Things you can expect from us include:
Dedicated staff member devoted specifically to the service of all competitors. Chad Sullivan is our Director of Athlete Experience and will be available to you throughout Championship Week. Feel free to reach out to Chad by text, call, or email for any assistance or with any feedback. Chad's cell is 978.790.3025.
A new location for our Player Hospitality Area will provide a more private and accessible setting for you to relax and perform at your best.
Private food service in Player Hospitality Area courtesy of Garrett Gurthie, Alex and Jenelle Gurthie, United Natural Foods, and the USDGC.
In addition to food service in the Player Hospitality area, competitors will also receive meal vouchers that may be redeemed for full meals in Championship Village.
Competitor-only shuttle service between the Player Hospitality Area and the Shack Area, which includes Hole 1 Tee, Hole 18 green, and the PDGA Scoring Trailer.
A competitor-only parking area to provide a buffer between competitors and fans, as well as immediate access to warm-up areas, driving range, and the Player Hospitality Area.
Lead group “secret service” to accompany the feature and lead cards. If you need anything at all during the round or if something is creating an issue for you, someone will be immediately available to handle the matter so that you can focus on the task at hand.

What is Changing for this year?


All competitors are required to attend an abbreviated Opening Ceremony on Tuesday 10/5 at the award stage outside the Winthrop Shack. We will begin at 7:00 PM. Tee times for Wednesday’s opening round will be announced at that time.*

US Distance Championship

This year we will crown both an Open and Open Women’s US Distance Champion. The contest will be held on the Winthrop Golf Course next Thursday 10/7 from 12:00 PM until an hour or so after play concludes for the day. There is no charge to participate. Open Payout: $500 / $300 / $200. Open Women Payout: $500 / $300.

US Distance Showcase

The top 3 Open and top 2 Open Women finalists in the distance competition will be invited to participate in the Distance Showcase on Friday night, immediately after the round. Each competitor will have 5 attempts to clear Winthrop Lake from the award stage flight deck. This event will air live on the Disc Golf Network.

Big Arm. Big Heart

(Benefitting Throw Pink) - This event will take place immediately after the Closing Ceremony on Championship Saturday. All competitors, fans, and tournament staff will have an opportunity to throw from the award stage across the lake. A $10 donation to Throw Pink is required to take the stage.

Putting Contest

This year we will crown both an Open and Open Women’s US Putting Champion. The contest will be held in Championship Village (formerly the EDGE Village, behind Hole 7 tee) throughout each day of the tournament. The contest is open to all competitors, fans, and tournament staff. There is no charge to participate.
* Note: Should the weather not cooperate for the Opening Ceremony, we may opt to cancel. Should that happen, your Wednesday tee times will be made available online at,, and We will collect tax information and payout preferences in the PDGA scoring trailer as the week goes along.

Other essential announcements:

Player Check-In will be at the Shack on Tuesday 10/5 from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. If you are not able to attend, please let Chad or me know as soon as possible.
Anyone traveling with a competitor to the course each day is considered to be part of the athlete’s “bubble” and does NOT need a ticket. Anyone traveling separately is required to have a credential of some type.
Parking credentials for all competitors will be available after the Opening Ceremony and will be required to enter the lakefront area during the days of competition.
Champions of both events are required to attend a brief autograph session immediately following the Closing Ceremony. This is a benefit to our Gold Pass ticket holders.
Competitors are welcome to capture content for social media sharing, providing it is not used for commercial purposes and you are not interfering in any way with other competitors during their practice rounds.
Player Packs may be picked up in Championship Village beginning Wednesday, 10/6. There are two different shirts for you. We want to make sure everyone has the style and size that you like most.
There is a $2500 bounty for an ace on Hole 7 courtesy of LWS Tax & Accounting. If multiple aces are hit that bounty will be split evenly between competitors carding aces during the week.
Practice is NOT allowed on the Winthrop Arena Course before tournament rounds or until the last putt has dropped for the day.
If you have questions about the course, please review the Caddie Book. We will also be available to take course-related questions following the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday evening. There is also a comprehensive ground rules document available here.
Lost and found is located inside the PDGA Scoring Office. If you find a lost disc on the course, please be courteous to your fellow competitors and return it. We also have a designated staff who will be raking the lake for discs, all of which will be returned to you. Winthrop University does not allow anyone in the lake at any time unless approved by the University in advance.
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Qualifying — Find It All Here

All current, dues-paid members in good standing of the Professional Disc Golf Association are eligible to qualify for the 2021 United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC). The USDGC is a PDGA Major, therefore all competitors must have a current PDGA membership and must have passed the PDGA Official certification exam in order to compete. Those gaining USDGC eligibility should register for the event as quickly as possible.
How to Qualify

Will you be at The USDGC?

Who is eligible and who is registered

Find out who is registered for The USDGC

Who is eligible and who is registered
Barry Schultz
Chris Dickerson
David Feldberg
James Conrad
Jeremy Koling
Nate Sexton
Nikko Locastro
Paul McBeth
Steve Brinster
Will Schusterick
Aaron Gossage
Adam Hammes
AJ Carey
Albert Tamm
Alden Harris
Alex Russell
Andrew Marwede
Andrew Presnell
Anthony Barela
Austin Hannum
Benjamin Callaway
Brad Schick
Bradley Oberholtzer
Bradley Williams
Brandon Brown
Brian Earhart
Brodie Smith
Calvin Heimburg
Cam Zanini
Cameron Colglazier
Casey Hanemayer
Casey White
Chandler Fry
Charlie Goodpasture
Chris Clemons
Clint Calvin
Colby Childress
Cole Redalen
Colten Montgomery
Connor O'Reilly
Corey Ellis
Dallin Blanchard
Davis York
Drew Gibson
Dustin Keegan
Dylan Horst
Eagle Wynne McMahon
Emerson Keith
Eric Oakley
Evan Scott
Evan Smith
Ezra Aderhold
Ezra Robinson
Gannon Buhr
Garett Everson
Garrett Gurthie
Gavin Babcock
Gregg Barsby
Ian Burchett
Isaac Robinson
Jacob Sanders
Jeremy Farnsworth
Joe Vander Veen
Joey Lutz
Jonah McPhee
John McCray
Jordan Castro
Juhani Vainio
Justin Bunnell
Kade Filimoehala
Kevin Jones
Knut Valen Håland
Kyle Klein
Logan Harpool
Luke Humphries
Luke Samson
Luukas Rokkanen
Martin Hendel
Mason Ford
Matt Bell
Matthew Orum
Matthew Thompson
Michael Johansen
Miles Seaborn
Morten Brenna
Nathan Queen
Noah Fiveash
Noah Meintsma
Paul Ulibarri
Raven Newsom
Richard Wysocki
Robert Burridge
Sam Lee
Silver Lätt
Simon Lizotte
Terry Rothlisberger
Thomas Gilbert
Tim Barham
Ty Love
Väinö Mäkelä
Zach Arlinghaus
Zach Melton