Ferris State Wins Dean’s Cup

Congratulations to Ferris State University, the 2017 Dean’s Cup winner. They faced off against Arkansas State at the Winthrop Gold Course prior to the USDGC Rounds.

ferris state dean's cup winner

Thanks to all four teams for participating. Here is a list of the members of each team:

Ferris State University
Carl Bouman
Connor Gortsema
Sam Mrdeza
Patrick Nemmer

Arkansas State University
Kellan McCann
Parker Sitton
Eli Webb
Brandon Baioni

Wisconsin – Platteville
Alec Anderson
Trenton Vieldbig
Ben Pulvermacher
Austin Wiese

Winthrop University
Derek Faile
Tyler Wozniak
Mark Ewell
Esteban De La Cruz

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