The championship's thrilling conclusion unfolded during the final round. As the day began, no participant held a substantial enough advantage to claim victory with certainty. Recognizing this as a chance to seize glory, numerous competitors embraced daring tactics in pursuit of a triumphant outcome. However, only one could take the title of champion for each championship.

Holyn Handley Crowned 2023 TPWDGC Champion

Photo by - Chad LeFevre

For the first time in Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship history, an athlete from the chase card won the whole thing. Holyn Handley, who started the day in 4th, rose three spots to win the entire thing. The final round of the women’s championship was hard fought. Kristin Tattar and Eveliina Salonen started T1 and took turns being in the lead on the front 9, while Handley slowly climbed up in the ranks. A series of unfortunate OB’s dashed Salonen's chances, allowing Handley to claim her position.

As they reached Hole 18, Handley held a slim lead of -2, closely pursued by Tattar. Handley threw, went OB twice, before making a 27’ putt for a double bogey. Tattar's throw, on the other hand, landed safely in the fairway, and she expertly parked her disc beneath the basket for a birdie. The two were tied, guaranteeing a playoff. The first playoff hole ended in a tie. Then on hole 2, Tattar overthrew right into the water, while Handley’s disc landed securely on the fairway, securing her title of 2023 TPWDGC Champion.

Kyle Klein Earns 2023 USDGC Champion Title

Third crush boy Kyle Klein climbed the leaderboard during the final round, securing the lead and championship title. The final day started with Klein in 4th place and Joel Freeman in the lead, followed by bomber Bradley Williams. Freeman had shot mainly pars during the front 9, while Klein got birdie after birdie, just two shy of shooting an all birdie front 9. Like we mentioned during the round 3 recap, Klein kept up his 1st place spot in number of birdies on the course and 1st in parked drives.

Kyle on hole 5 Photo by - Chad LeFevre

Going into the final hole, Klein had a hefty lead over Williams. Unless Klein pulled a Richard, the crowd knew he was going to win the championship. In an unexpected twist, Klein's two out-of-bounds shots left him in a precarious 1-point lead, causing fans to anxiously await the outcome as both competitors prepared for their putts. Klein’s secure lead quickly turned into a 1 point difference. Fans were biting their nails as the two competitors got ready to putt. Williams sunk his putt from 16’, securing a bogey. The championship title hinged on Klein’s putt. With a 5' putt remaining, Klein demonstrated nerves of steel, sinking the putt to secure a double bogey, first ever major win, and the title of the 25th Anniversary USDGC Champion.

The End

Photo by - Chad LeFevre

The 25th anniversary of the USDGC was a success. The village was the largest is has ever been with over 30 vendors, more savory food trucks, and The Fresh & Now concert series. There were more spectators onsite than any other year before. And the championship is just getting better.

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Earlier in the week Nick Hanson said he was going to make a comeback. Well, Hanson did just that on Saturday when he leaped from the Performance Flight’s third card and 12 strokes back to win the USDGC Performance Flight by two strokes during Saturday’s final round.

Hanson of Sioux Falls, S.D., beat his projected score of 74 by five strokes on Saturday and was the only player in the flight to beat his/her projected for each round of the tournament.

2015 Performance Flight Winner Nick Hanson.
2015 Performance Flight Winner Nick Hanson.


Rounding out the Performance Flight’s top finishers are: 2nd Brock Shepherd and Anthony Hauf (-16), and 4th Noah Meintsma (-14).

Noah Meintsma had been leading the flight up until the final round. However, he had a rough Saturday when he scored an 87, which was 11 strokes worse than his projected.

Finishing 4th the last two years, Hanson made it happen this year.

"It's crazy! I can't believe all the hard work paid off. I grinded so hard throughout the week, taking numbers as high as 9 on holes. But I told myself to keep working hard," said Hanson after the round.

Hanson said because of the rough, wet weather on Saturday he had to often divert from his aggressive style he used earlier in the week and only attacked the course when he was able to.

"Today I played safely aggressive, knowing I had to make up strokes where I could, but not push too hard" said Hanson.

Congratulations to Nick Hanson for becoming the 2015 Performance Flight Champion!

The two USDGC flight winners. Hanson (left) and Open Flight winner  Paul McBeth.
The two USDGC flight winners. Hanson (left) and Open Flight winner Paul McBeth.

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Noah Meintsma of Minneapolis, MN, blasted atop the Performance Flight field when he shot a 60 that bested his projected score by 16 strokes. After Wednesday’s Round 1, Meintsma leads the flight by five strokes. Not far behind is Anthony Siefker who is beating his projection by 11 strokes, followed by Braden Coolidge (-8), and Ben Shinn and Chas Ford are both at (-7).

Noah Meintsma
Noah Meintsma

Not Bad for Only the Second Winthrop Gold Round

This was Meintsma’s second official time playing the Winthrop Gold Course and he shot a round that many Open Flight players would be quite pleased with.

One of the keys to his round was being careful around the rope. Whenever he was close to danger, Meintsma said he threw trusty forehand and backhand lay up shots.

Meintsma came close to qualifying for the Open Flight during the Monday Qualifier, but had a rough ending on holes 17 and 18.

“I stayed away from OB. That was what separated my round today from Monday,” said Meintsma.

He said he’ll keep the same game plan for tomorrow. We’ll see if others from the Performance Flight can catch him on Thursday.

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