2016 USDGC Player Pack

player-pack-scaledThe USDGC is known for many things and one of them is its storied Player Pack. This year is no different. Here’s a quick list of some of the cool items this year:

  • Personalized USDGC Innova Champion Aviar
  • Innova Park and Fly stool
  • Luster Champion Mystere
  • Disc Mania C-Line DDX
  • Legacy Disc with special USDGC Stamp
  • Millennium Orion LS
  • Innova Big Kahuna
  • Innova Makani
  • Dude cup holder
  • Dude towel
  • Liquid Logic mug
  • Keen gift card
  • And more


USDGC 2016 Quick Links