2019 USDGC Qualifying Details

Now that the 2019 season is underway, let’s take a look at your opportunities to qualify for the 2019 USDGC. We believe you will find them plentiful and evenly spread. The process of earning an invitation to the USDGC is similar to recent years. All you need is a top-five score at one of the designated, regional qualifying events.

Achieving a top five score at any of the qualifiers is no easy task, though. That’s why qualifying for the Championship is a feat in itself. But if you play your best disc golf it’s more than possible.

Official Details

Look at the Official Qualifying Document to find your best shot to Rock Hill, SC, and for other qualifying details. Many top performers from last year like winner Paul McBeth and past winners like 5-time US Champion Ken Climo are exempt from qualifying. Look to see who else is exempt as well as which 2019 tournament champions will receive automatic bids here.  

More about the Qualifiers

This year there are 21 regional qualifiers, which is the same number as last year that produced 130 USDGC competitors. A key to the qualifying process is getting an ideal number of competitors to compliment the course and the event itself. “The sweet spot is 120-130,” said USDGC Event Director Jonathan Poole, adding that, this range works well when it comes to starting and finishing at the desired times, getting everyone in and out of the venue safely, allowing flexibility for potential weather delays, and for our typical media coverage.

Pins on the Map

When it comes to determining the actual qualifying events, Poole said a variety of factors come into play. Generally, all PDGA National Tour events and many of the PDGA Majors held prior the USDGC are qualifiers. When it comes to filling the gaps in between larger events, the USDGC organizing committee looks at well-deserving A-tiers that will provide the greatest number of people with a reasonable chance to qualify. “Simply put, it comes down to putting pins on a map. We do our best to spread qualifying events out as evenly across the country as possible,” said Poole.

Punch your Ticket

There are a lot of disc golf events but there is only one United States Disc Golf Championship. So, find a qualifier near you and hopefully, we will see you at Winthrop University this October.