UDisc Live Signs On With USDGC


From a fan’s point of view, a tournament’s scoring platform is as important as it gets to staying in-the-know. That is why the USDGC has partnered with scoring experts, UDisc Live, to handle the scoring and presentation for the 2018 USDGC.

If you have followed events on UDisc Live before, you know that the service, which debuted at the 2016 Vibram Open, brings a new kind of clarity and speed to tournament scoring and statistics.

Lightning Fast App

A big factor in this, is UDisc’s custom mobile apps used by the in-round scorekeepers. With it, they are able to seamlessly and accurately enter players’ shots even in areas of poor wireless connections. Later, stats are automatically configured by UDisc without need of player input.

“We built UDisc Live to be truly instant – no delays, no refreshing, always up to date. From the time a score is entered in the app to the time fans can see the scores and stats online is typically around 1 second,” said Matt Krueger, who co-founded UDisc along with Josh Lichti.

Krueger said he and Josh can’t wait to experience the USDGC up close and personal.

“The USDGC is a special event that always pushes the boundaries of disc golf. UDisc Live will bring new and exciting ways for fans to follow their favorite players in real time,” said Krueger.

Check out UDisc Live’s schedule. Many of their events are USDGC Qualifiers.