US Dubs LCQ Results

us-dubs-scaledThe first event of Championship Week happened on Thursday with the USDGC Doubles Last Chance Qualifier and a few familiar faces earned invitations including 3-time US Champ Will Schusterick, Jeremy Koling, and Paul Ulibarri.

27 doubles teams competed for the final five pro spots and final five amateur spots at the Winthrop Gold Course. The teams that made it in returned to Winthrop for Friday’s round 1. Stay tuned to and our Facebook page for updates.

Here’s a list of the teams earning spots from the Last Chance Qualifier on Thursday (Some of the player’s first names were not available):


Paul Ulibarri / Jeremy Koling 53 (-12)

Hakstad / Kveseth 53 (-12)

Will Schusterick / Long 54 (-11)

Dickerson / Starnes 58 (-7)

Michael Robinson / Isaac Robinson 58 (-7)



Ricky Richmond / Quick 58 (-7)

AJ Carey / Macy 60 (-5)

Robinson / Pitt 61 (-4)

Schaupp / Cunningham 62 (-3)

Davis / Norris 63 (-2)