Baltic Tour Awarded Qualifier

Top Baltic talent will get their shot at a USDGC invite, now that the Pärnu Open has been added as a USDGC Qualifier. The Pärnu Open (July 7-8), located outside Pärnu, Estonia, is a part of the Innova Baltic Tour, which consists of three events followed by a tour championship.

Baltic Tour Manager Rene Mengel said the five USDGC invitations are a big deal because many Baltic players are aware of the USDGC’s significance and are eager for an opportunity to qualify. Mengel also believes the IBT/USDGC partnership will help create stronger global ties.

If you haven’t heard of the Innova Baltic Tour, it’s time to put the series on your radar. Started in 2009, the Baltic Tour’s mission has been to expose more of the region (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia) to disc golf while organizing top level events. For top area golfers, IBT events are not to be missed.

Here’s a promo from last year’s tour.

According to Mengel, interest in disc golf is soaring in the Baltics, especially in Estonia, where the Pärnu Open and the IBT Championship (Tallinn, Estonia) are located.He said just about every week in the Baltics there is a disc golf event. “Baltic players are actually pretty crazy about disc golf so there are many competitions throughout the year. Even when there is temperature -20 degrees in Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit),” said Mengel.

October weather in the Carolinas is generally quite pleasant, so Baltic players who earn an invitation to Winthrop should be comfortable when they face the University’s legendary Gold Course. After being tested on the IBT, they will be ready to make their mark on the USDGC and perhaps a trip to the podium.

Here’s a look at 2017 Innova Baltic Tour Championship Lead Card Back 9