USDGC / DGWT Glory On the Line for 2017

Two of the sport’s best shows on earth, the USDGC and the Disc Golf World Tour reconvene in Rock Hill, S.C. to bring players the ultimate test and fans world class action sure to have thrills, spills, and a killer ending.

Once again all kinds of glory is at stake at the USDGC, in its second year as the DGWT’s capstone event. On the line is the USDGC’s US Title (a PDGA Major), the DGWT’s Points Title, and a chance to shine in disc golf’s brightest spotlight.

Will there be a Grand Champion this year?

Last year when Hurricane Matthew forced the event to end after three rounds, two players ended up taking home a title. Jeremy Koling, the leader after three rounds, took home the US Title and Ricky Wysocki claimed the DGWT’s Points Title. But could one player take home both titles this year? It’s certainly possible. Several players have what it takes to stand atop the USDGC leaderboard and the DGWT Points standings at the end of the day.

Koling hoists the trophy
Can Koling take home both the USDGC and DGWT titles this year?

DGWT Points Explained

Throughout the season, players have earned points at DGWT events. Bigger DGWT events get more points. The USDGC, the highest level DGWT event, earns the most points with first earning 1,000 points. Points in diminishing value are then distributed to the rest of the top 72 players. Once the USDGC is settled, the DGWT points will be tallied and the DGWT Points Title will be crowned.

2017 DGWT Points Standings:

Not surprising, it looks to be a race again between the superpowers, Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocki. Eagle McMahon and Gregg Barsby still have a chance but they’d need both McBeth and Wysocki to have off performances at the USDGC. Simon Lizotte, Philo Brathwaite, and Nate Sexton are theoretically still in it, but they’d need a miracle.

Many believe this could be Wysocki's year to take the USDGC
Many believe this could be Wysocki’s year to take the USDGC.

But hey, anything can happen. Just look at last year:
Trailing Paul McBeth by 500 points going into the 2016 USDGC, Ricky Wysocki had an uphill battle to win the DGWT Points Title. However, after an uncharacteristically average USDGC for McBeth, plus a scoring error on Hole 18 of the third and final round, Wysocki squeaked by McBeth to claim the first DGWT Points Title.

Here’s a look at the 2017 Points after the three tour stops:

  1. Paul McBeth 1725
  2. Ricky Wysocki 1650
  3. Eagle McMahon 1125
  4. Gregg Barsby 1075
  5. Simon Lizotte 825
  6. Philo Brathwaite 738
  7. Nathan sexton 725

Here’s the entire standings.

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