Saturday Recap

Buckle your seatbelt because Round 3 of the USDGC was a turbulent one in more ways than one. Here’s a peek at today’s action:

USDGC Leader:

Niklas Anttila leads the USDGC after an exciting finnish to the 3rd round. Shooting with a 56% birdie rate, Anttila did not disappoint on the infamous Hole 7. The disc was a laser, shooting directly in the middle on the bamboo wall before landing in circle 1 for the bird. Ending the round with an 86% C1X and 67% scramble rate, it’s no surprise Anttila has been able to hold onto the lead position, trumping both Calvin Heimburg and Paul McBeth. “Those are some big names behind me. It’s not coming free. I need to be ready tomorrow and play my best round ever I think.” If Anttila wins, he would be the 1st Finnish player to win the United States Disc Golf Championship.

Eagle Eye:

Rising like an eye in the sky, Calvin Heimburg jumped 5 spots landing him on the lead card going into Round 4 of The Championship. Down 1 stroke going into the final day, Heimburg will have to have another clean, consistent round to take the championship title. This is the closest I've been going into the final round. First time I've been on the lead card going into the final round here. Just looking to do more of what I did today tomorrow and continue to keep it in bounds and make the putts.” If Heimburg continues to toss 84% in the fairway and sink 94% of his circle 1 putts, he has a solid chance of winning with a 29% win probability according to UDisc. “It would be amazing, haven't taken down a major title yet. So that's obviously the goal tomorrow to try and take it down. That would be amazing.”

Throw Pink Women's Disc Golf Championship

Many competitors had to reevaluate their game plans after a windy day at the Winthrop Arena Course. Here’s a peek at today’s action

The Leader:

Despite shooting a 70 round (+1), Catrina Allen held onto 1st place and gained an 8-point advantage over her competitors. The first two holes and the fourth hole of the round were birdies, which was an impressive start to the round. However, during Hole 3, 7-10 mph wind struck, taking her game plan with her. “The first two days, no wind. And today, it was windier, but that really inconsistent, gusty, calm sometimes, a little strong sometimes wind. So I couldn't really get in a groove with it. Took me to Hole 12 to settle down and figure out what it was doing.” Allen ended the round like she started with an epic upshot on Hole 18 giving her the tap-in birdie.

Gusty Gains:

Already playing each round as if it was windy, Kristin Tattar finally got her wish when strong gusts hit the course. Her game plan was set up for today's conditions, hitting the green 78% of the time and banging chains 71% of the time. “To be honest I didn’t change my game plan much. Everything stayed pretty much the same. I don’t even remember switching the discs out. Maybe on a couple of holes I believe but I believe my game plan was already set up for windy conditions.” The differentiator between Tattar and the 3rd Round Lead Card was 3 OB shots, whereas the lead card shot an average of 5. Tattar was one of the few to finish under par for the round (-6), taking 2nd place overall with a 9 under par score.

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