USDGC 2015 Producing Richer Media Content Than Ever

Leading into today’s final round, the new media efforts behind the United States Disc Golf Championship have steadily provided content across a variety of platforms with success in reaching disc golf fans everywhere and forming new relationships outside the disc golf community.

The Spin18 media staff capturing video and tweeting live from the course.

By the numbers

237: Tweets from @USDGClive with videos, highlights, and updates from the first three rounds.

73: Facebook posts with links to round recaps, ace highlights, and photo galleries.

973: New fans to the United States Disc Golf Championship Facebook page since Tuesday

26: Videos produced by multiple disc golf video crews and uploaded to The Spin TV channel.

39: Articles posted on the tournament website during the tournament week.

127: High quality photos in 5 different galleries.

11,064: Visitors to on Friday

16,639: Visitors to on Friday

53: Countries with traffic to on Friday. United States and Finland are the top two with Sweden, Canada, Germany, Norway, Estonia, Denmark, Australia, and United Kingdom completing the top 10. Other counties include Japan, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Israel, and Thailand.

Media Coverage

With a strong focus on helping external media sources in the Charlotte area and beyond we’ve seen a new growth of coverage from outside the disc golf community. The Charlotte Observer, which has the largest circulation in Charlotte and all of South Carolina, and it’s partner Rock Hill Herald have been covering the tournament since the opening round.

Rock Hill TV station CN2 has been on site and has included the USDGC in their nightly sportscast. They, along with YC Magazine, have been regulars in recent years and we’re glad to have them on board again in 2015.

South Carolina Living is also at Winthrop Gold writing a feature article on Ricky Wysocki as he competes for his first USDGC title. Even the Santa Cruz Sentinel included the USDGC as the lead story in their sports roundup Friday night.

We are very thankful for all the media in attendance or covering the event from afar. Don’t miss the exciting final round of the 2015 USDGC.