The championship's thrilling conclusion unfolded during the final round. As the day began, no participant held a substantial enough advantage to claim victory with certainty. Recognizing this as a chance to seize glory, numerous competitors embraced daring tactics in pursuit of a triumphant outcome. However, only one could take the title of champion for each championship.

Holyn Handley Crowned 2023 TPWDGC Champion

Photo by - Chad LeFevre

For the first time in Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship history, an athlete from the chase card won the whole thing. Holyn Handley, who started the day in 4th, rose three spots to win the entire thing. The final round of the women’s championship was hard fought. Kristin Tattar and Eveliina Salonen started T1 and took turns being in the lead on the front 9, while Handley slowly climbed up in the ranks. A series of unfortunate OB’s dashed Salonen's chances, allowing Handley to claim her position.

As they reached Hole 18, Handley held a slim lead of -2, closely pursued by Tattar. Handley threw, went OB twice, before making a 27’ putt for a double bogey. Tattar's throw, on the other hand, landed safely in the fairway, and she expertly parked her disc beneath the basket for a birdie. The two were tied, guaranteeing a playoff. The first playoff hole ended in a tie. Then on hole 2, Tattar overthrew right into the water, while Handley’s disc landed securely on the fairway, securing her title of 2023 TPWDGC Champion.

Kyle Klein Earns 2023 USDGC Champion Title

Third crush boy Kyle Klein climbed the leaderboard during the final round, securing the lead and championship title. The final day started with Klein in 4th place and Joel Freeman in the lead, followed by bomber Bradley Williams. Freeman had shot mainly pars during the front 9, while Klein got birdie after birdie, just two shy of shooting an all birdie front 9. Like we mentioned during the round 3 recap, Klein kept up his 1st place spot in number of birdies on the course and 1st in parked drives.

Kyle on hole 5 Photo by - Chad LeFevre

Going into the final hole, Klein had a hefty lead over Williams. Unless Klein pulled a Richard, the crowd knew he was going to win the championship. In an unexpected twist, Klein's two out-of-bounds shots left him in a precarious 1-point lead, causing fans to anxiously await the outcome as both competitors prepared for their putts. Klein’s secure lead quickly turned into a 1 point difference. Fans were biting their nails as the two competitors got ready to putt. Williams sunk his putt from 16’, securing a bogey. The championship title hinged on Klein’s putt. With a 5' putt remaining, Klein demonstrated nerves of steel, sinking the putt to secure a double bogey, first ever major win, and the title of the 25th Anniversary USDGC Champion.

The End

Photo by - Chad LeFevre

The 25th anniversary of the USDGC was a success. The village was the largest is has ever been with over 30 vendors, more savory food trucks, and The Fresh & Now concert series. There were more spectators onsite than any other year before. And the championship is just getting better.

Watch the post-produced coverage on Jomez’s YouTube channel on October 19.

The third round of the 25th United States Disc Golf Championship and 3rd Throw Pink Women's Disc Golf Championship was filled with thrills, drama, and an unexpected adversary: the relentless and gusty winds that swept across the Winthrop University Arena Course.

In the Throw Pink Women's Disc Golf Championship, leader Eveliina Salonen faced a stiff challenge from fellow competitors attempting to dethrone her. Meanwhile, in the US Disc Golf Championship, the world watched as the athletes on the lead card switched places. Let’s dive in and cover what happened Saturday during the USDGC and TPWDGC.

Gallery at USDGC

Round 3 Recap of the Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship

Eveliina Salonen was able to hold onto her 1st place position during round 3 of the TPWDGC. Salonen started the day at -14 and finished at 19 under. Overall, she shot a 5 under round, a 2 point improvement from round 2. The competitor was able to scramble on hole 2 to save par, but wasn’t as lucky on holes 3 and 14, landing her in 2nd place. Determined to climb back to first, Salonen made an aggressive play on the notoriously difficult hole 18, resulting in an impressive birdie and 1st place position.

Eveliina on Hole 7 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Joining Salonen in first was Kristin Tattar, who started round 3 on the chase card at -9 and fought her way up 5 positions to T1. Tattar, who is currently ranked 1st in the world, shot a whopping 10 birdies, taking the 1st place ranking in birdies from Salonen. Hole 8 tested the competitor, who threw OB, but had a successful scramble for par. The shot of the day for Tattar was on 467’ hole 15, where she locked into the basket and made an impressive C2 putt through the trees for the bird. Tattar's performance on hole 6 certainly merits recognition, as her drive landed impeccably beneath the basket, setting up a straightforward birdie and highlighting her skill and precision on the course.

Kristin on Hole 7 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Maintaining her 3rd place position, Ella Hansen, who began the 3rd round at 11 under, concluded with a final score of -17. Hansen played consistently throughout, encountering only 2 out-of-bounds shots that led to bogeys and showcasing her prowess with an eagle on the challenging 362’ Hole 9. However, on Hole 18, a collective gasp swept through the gallery as we all cringed at the heart-wrenching sound of her disc hitting the rim of the basket instead of finding chains. A potential birdie slipped from her grasp, forcing Hansen to settle for a par finish.

Holyn Handley started Saturday with a score of 10 under and finished 13 under, dropping 1 spot to 5th. An accident on hole 18 turned into one of the most impressive putts of the day. Handley slipped, causing her disc to just miss its target and slip over the first wall down towards the lake. Still inbounds, Handley climbed down to make the incredibly steep 16’ putt. Her disc met the chains in a remarkable fashion, securing a par.

Round 3 Recap of the US Disc Golf Championship

Going into day 3, Joel Freeman was in the lead at 19 under. The wind, which got stronger as the day continued, tested Freeman constantly. The athlete threw 5 OB shots, one of which was hole 14, which he has struggled to conquer in this tournament. One of the other OB’s was on the 371’ hole 6. Freeman had a successful scramble and was able to save par with a massive 49’ putt! Another 49’ putt occurred on hole 16, where he got a birdie. Despite making some majestic putts, Freeman dropped to T3 and is heading into round 4 at 17 down.

Sullivan Tipton is tied with Freeman for 3rd. Tipton played steady with 5 bogeys and 5 birdies, leaving him with an even round and an immaculate 100% C1X putting rating.

Sullivan Tipton - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Bradley Williams, who had jumped 11 spots yesterday landing in the 4th place position, climbed up again. Williams, who started day 3 fifteen under, rose to 2nd place with a -19 total. The athlete played to win, trusting the wind to work with him as he threw long drives. His most impressive play of the day was his epic 60’ putt on hole 16, saving him par after an OB shot on the drive. Williams is one to keep an eye on going into the final day. 

Bradley Williams putting on hole 14 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

With a 3 point lead, Kyle Klein took 1st on round 3 and continues to rank 1st in number of birdies secured during this tournament. He also is ranked 1st in C1X putting at 89%. If Klein is able to continue keeping his drives on the fairway and putts lasered into the basket, he will win the 25th USDGC.

Kyle Klein - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

The final round of the championship ought to be an exciting one, with none of the first place athletes holding a massive lead. As we enter the final round, brace yourselves for an exhilarating round filled with aggressive plays from athletes striving for that coveted 1st place position and $30,000 payout. Tune in to the live coverage on the DGN broadcast or witness the excitement in person with a pass from DGU!

Birdies and Scrambles

Able to hold onto 1st is Eveliina Salonen, who started the day at -11 and finished at -14. Round 2 did not go as well as round 1, with 2 OB shots on hole 9 and 17. However, a scramble on hole 9 saved her from losing her lead to Blomroos, who eagled the hole. Some notable shots were a laser drive on hole 4, giving her an effortless C1 putt for the birdie. Salonen hit the bullseye on the 282’ hole 6, giving her another C1 putt for the birdie.

Eveliina and Henna on Zuca, INC's hole 7 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

The pivotal moment of the round for Henna Blomroos arrived on hole 11, where Blomroos had a chance to seize the lead. She skillfully parked her drive in C1, but unfortunately, her putt for an eagle narrowly missed the mark. Luckily for her, Salonen bogeyed the hole, and Blomroos took 1st. The victory was short-lived, after a bogey on holes 14 and 16, followed by a double bogey on 17. Blomroos has maintained her lead by getting more birdies than any other TPWDGC competitor thus far.

Blomroos on Hole 3 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Kristin Tattar, despite having an impressive 38’ putt on hole 1 and solid drive that landed in C1 on hole 14 for a birdie, fell 3 spots to 6th. 4 bogeys with a lack of birdies to make up for it led to a short fall on the leaderboard. She finished the round -9.

Ella Hansen took her place on the lead card with a whopping 11 birdie round. She had a scramble on hole 2, but was able to trust her game and save par. She wasn’t as lucky on hole 17, when the OB led to her only bogey of the day. She wrapped up the day 10 under par.

Holyn Handley, a 1st time TPWDGC competitor, found herself rising from the chase card to the lead card during round 2. She had an impressive 5 OB scrambles and an eagle on hole 9.

A Sprinkle of Aces

Joel Freeman continues to hold 1st, with a 1 point lead over Klein and 2 over Tipton. So far in the tournament, Freeman has remained consistent shooting only 1 point better than Round 1. The pro shot another eagle on Hole 10, proving that he’s mastered that hole, and 9 birds. The two bogeys came from holes 5 and 14.

20-yr-old Kyle Klein started his round -9 and had an electric round with an 89% fairway hit rate and an astonishing 22% of shots parking right on target. Hole 2 and 12 proved troublesome for Klein, with a bogey on 2 and an OB shot resulting in a double bogey on 12. The professional swiftly recovered, achieving par on the 13th hole and then securing consecutive birdies for the remainder of the day, surpassing all other players in the tournament with the highest number of birdies. Most impressive was his putt on hole 16. Despite a nearly out-of-bounds drive, he executed a phenomenal C2 putt. 

Kyle Klein - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Starting the day -9, Sullivan Tipton didn’t have the round he needed to catch up to Klein and Freeman, but was able to maintain 3rd with an epic ace on the 284’ Zuca, Inc. hole 7. 

Robert Burridge, who started -9, did not have as much luck, finishing the day -8. Burridge had a +1 round with bogeys on top of bogeys and 3 OB shots, resulting in a T27 finish. 

Bradley Williams jumped 11 spots, taking the 4th place position from Burridge. Williams started the round at -5, but was able to land 11 birds giving him a round score of -10. The only hole that gave him a run for his money was hole 9, where he went OB. 

With scores differing by only 1 or 2 points, the championship remains wide open for anyone to seize. A single misstep or off day can swiftly remove a player from the lead card. As we enter Round 3, brace yourselves for an exhilarating competition filled with aggressive plays from athletes striving for that coveted 1st place position. Tune in to the live coverage on the DGN broadcast or witness the excitement in person with a pass from DGU!

Disc golf enthusiasts and fans of the sport around the world have been eagerly awaiting the start of the 2023 United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC) and Throw Pink Women's Disc Golf Championship (TPWDGC). As two of the most prestigious events in the disc golf calendar, these tournaments promise thrilling action and fierce competition among the world's top disc golfers. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights and surprises from the first round of these tournaments, which are shaping up to be unforgettable.


The USDGC, hosted at the famous Winthrop Arena Course in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has a long history of challenging players with its unique layout. This year is no different, as the course has been updated to provide an even more rigorous test of skill. The first round did not disappoint, as players fought emotionally challenging holes, making for exciting rounds of disc golf.

Joel Freeman - Photo By: Chad LeFevre
  1. Joel Freeman, currently in the lead, shot an impressive 10 under round, filled with pars and birdies. It wasn’t until hole 18, a universally challenging hole, that he received his first bogey of the tournament. What’s most impressive about his round was an eagle on Throw Pink’s hole 10. The hole, which is 549’, includes a tight fairway, with an area to land around the basket that is 33’’ from the basket in almost any direction. Instead of taking a roundabout route, Freeman landed within C1, and landed the putt. One of only 16 players to eagle the hole.
  2. Tied for 2nd is Sullivan Tipton, Robert Burridge, and Kyle Klein, shooting a -9 round. Holding the trio back were bogeys on key holes around the course. Klein double bogeyed on Hole 2, but was able to make up for it with an eagle on 10. Tipton, unable to score an eagle, birdied on 11 holes, with only 2 bogeys. Burridge bogeyed on hole 12 and birdied 10 holes. 

If all are able to keep their mental game strong, the championship could go to anyone. Going into day 2, the scores will come down to strategy and mental game. Each hole demands special treatment, and you can’t approach the same. The players must know when to attack and when to play safe in order to take the lead.


The Throw Pink Women's Disc Golf Championship is a relatively newer event but has quickly gained prominence in the sport. The first round showcased some impressive talent in the women's division.

  1. Eveliina Salonen shot an amazing round with -11 under. The start of the round wasn’t great with a bogey, but Salonen didn’t let that deter her. She swung around and got a birdie on hole 2. She shot a solid round with an impressive eagle on hole 9, which has a tight fairway, and circle 1 putt. With a solid 75% C1 average, Salonen is one to watch this year. 
  2. Henna Blomroos came in a close second, shooting a -10 round. If Blomroos keeps up the game, she could easily take the lead with a higher C1 average (79%) and an equal fairway hit as Salonen. 
  3. Coming in 3rd is Kristen Tattar, 2023 world champion and winner of all majors this season. What hurt Kristen were bogeys on hole 4 and 15. 
Henna Blomroos - Photo By: Chad LeFevre

The leaderboard in the women’s division is tightly packed and we can expect the competition to go anyone’s way. At this point, with this close of a score, the championship can go anyone’s way. As the 2023 USDGC and TPWDGC progress, fans can anticipate even more drama, remarkable shots, and unexpected turns of events. Make sure to tune in to the broadcast on DGN, or watch live with passes from DGU.

The 25th year of the USDGC has had a record-breaking start - indicative of the rest of this week. It’s no secret that for the past 25 years, the championship, and all its side events, have continuously pushed the boundaries of the disc golf event industry. Doubles, qualifiers, and the distance qualifier shattered records leading into this year’s event.

USDGC Doubles

Doubles is the premier annual event that kicks off the championship week. The amateur event gives players a chance to play the Winthrop Arena Course in all its glory, and this year was one for the books. 

Ginelle freakin’ Kohl and Kelly Tucker fought hard against Alecia Trauscht and Linda Ray all 3 rounds. Going into the final round, the two teams were tied up. Trauscht and Ray shot 1 under par the first two rounds, taking an ever so slight lead. However, Kohl and Tucker weren’t ready to give up. The duo came back on hole 3 shooting -1 under and made par the next two holes. The groups were neck and neck. At the end, Kohl and Tucker shot a 10 under par round, ending the tournament 6 under. To make the win even more impressive, the two competed in the largest women’s field ever with 48 athletes.

The men’s league was just as exciting with the winners, Ryan Monn and Davidson McMurray shooting a whopping 36 under par, the lowest in doubles history! There was no competition for this group who shot 15 under round 1, 12 under round 2, and 9 under on the final round.

Monday Qualifiers

The USDGC Monday qualifying competition was tight the entire round. Each hole had the potential to ruin a player's round and chance to get into the championship. Only 5 of the top players qualify for the men’s division.

 Luke Callaghan and John Blackburn tied for 1st, both shooting a 4 under par round. The two battled it out the entire time, with Callaghan scoring better on Hole 2 and 6, then Blackburn coming back on holes 7 and 8. 

Zach Melton secured 3rd, and a spot at the USDGC, with a 1 under par round. Melton was ahead of Blackburn until the last half of the round, where a series of bogeys cost him. 

Rounding up the qualifiers are Nathaniel Johnson and Randon Latta, who tied for 4th place.

TPWDGC Monday Qualifying

On the women’s side, the competition was just as fierce with near perfect conditions creating a level playing field. Right out the gate, Sandra Richardson shot a birdie on Hole 1, which is a par 3, and made a circle 1 putt. Landing her T1 with Raven Klein. Richardson, determined to take 1st, differentiated her game on the very next hole where she made par and Klein shot 1 over. Richardson wrapped up her round finishing 2 over par and secured herself a 1st place win and a spot at the Throw Pink Women’s Championship. 

Tied for second was Cynthia Ricciotti and Erika Stinchcomb, both names familiar to the TPWDGC. 

Ricciotti had a straight par round until Hole 5, which proved difficult for the athlete, who shot +3 par. Refusing to let that shake her game, Ricciotti turned around to shoot straight birdies the next three holes. Stinchcomb had a steady round filled with par shots. Despite getting +3 on hole 6, Stinchcomb remained steady with a par on hole 7 and birdies on holes 9 and 10. The two finished 4 over par.

Check out all the stats for Monday Qualifying and the championships on or watch all the action live on

US Distance Championship

Keeping the trend, the US Distance Championship had the largest field ever with 52 competitors.

For the women's division, Eliezra Midtlyng took first with a spin of 1439, speed of 68 mph, and a whopping distance of 514'! Ella Hansen followed suit with the same spin, but a speed of 63 and distance of 473'. In third was Henna Bloomroos with a spin of 1365, speed of 66, and distance of 443'.

In the open division, the competition was tight. In third was Hjalte Jensen with a spin of 1471, speed of 76, and distance of 624'! Throwing a mere 14' more than Jensen was Rasmus Saukoriipi, with a speed of 81 and a spin of 1367. Taking the lead, with a distance of 651', was David Wiggins Jr. Wiggins threw a speed of 81 with a spin of 1552.

Congratulations to all the competitors from this weekend!

food trucks - french fries, veggie pizza

Picture this: the beautiful arena course, bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun, the roar of thousands of spectators in the distance, a live band jamming in front of you, while you’re relaxing in a comfy lounge chair eating a juicy burger and drinking a cold Slow Play beer. That’s what you have to look forward to at this year’s The Fresh & Now evening concert series at the United States Disc Golf Championship. 

Your taste buds will go wild with this year’s delectable array for food trucks, sure to delight every palate. From mouthwatering Americana to gourmet fruit pops, the vibrant world of food truck row will leave you craving more. Let’s explore the food trucks that will be at the event -

1. Cibi Cibi

You may know this truck from their daily spot at Slow Play Brewing. This truck has made a name for themselves in the Rock Hill community - serving up the best burgers, sandos, and fries in town. A random reviewer on Google said “Cibi Cibi’s burger has left a lasting impression on both my taste buds and my heart!” This truck will be splitting their time between the USDGC and Slow Play, so make sure to check them out while you’re onsite!

2. King of Fire

Known for their fresh made, hand-crafted pizza, this award-winning food truck is a must-try. The truck was founded by Chef Siler Chapman, 3x World Pizza Champion who has been featured on the Food Network and Today Show. Each pizza is made with the finest ingredients which leads to an amazing experience for your taste buds.

3. Rock Hill Coffee

Start each morning off right with a fresh brew from Rock Hill Coffee. Each bean blend is carefully crafted with you in mind. Once you finish your brew, you’ll be feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

4. DonutNV Rock Hill

The perfect pairing with your brew from Rock Hill Coffee. DonutNV is known for their innovative and sweet hot mini donuts. Later on in the day, swing back by for some refreshing lemonade, freshly squeezed daily. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this family-run food truck.

5. Happy City Cairo Cuisine

For those a little more health-conscious, Happy City Cairo Cuisine is a terrific option. The truck is Halal-friendly and features gyros and salads. Don’t sleep on the lamb gyro, which is a fan favorite!

6. It’s Worth It

One diet cheat day is okay - it’s worth it. This truck is all about pleasing your taste buds and fulfilling all your cravings with the yummiest, most flavorful Americana cuisines. Serving tacos and some of the best paninis around, everything on the menu is an ace. Insider tip - try the potato cake!

7. That Won Truck

That Won Truck serves Asian-inspired dishes that leave an impression on the palate and impress on the plate. Each dish has the perfect combo of sauce, flavor, and deliciousness. Prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked-to-order, each dish is made to impress.

8. JamRock Jerk Spot

Spice things up a bit with authentic Jamaican jerk chicken, rice, peas. It’s a little place, with BIG taste!

9. Twisted Eats

Explore the bizarrely delicious food at Twisted Eats. The chef creates unique flavor infusions that will excite and inspire. From wonton nachos to mac & cheese egg rolls, you never know what you’ll find at this insanely good food truck.

10. Old Town Kitchen

Relive your favorite moments in time with the delights from Old Town Kitchen. Relax in the village on a rocking chair, sipping sweet tea and eating southern delicacies.

11. Chancho’s Tacos

Roll up and try some delicious SoCal Mexican food - you won’t be disappointed. Every dish bursts with flavor and feels like a warm, fuzzy hug for your stomach. After trying their tacos, you’ll always think of Chancho’s.

12. Frio’s Gourmet Pops

Everyone needs a Frio’s Pop in their life! This truck has a wide array of poptastic options for every palate. Their frozen delights will take your breath away and remind you of the good ole days when the tunes of the icecream truck would have you running with excitement for a sugary, cold treat.

13. Waxhaw Kettle Corn & Lemonade

Try the freshest and tastiest kettle corn in the area - but beware, we’ve heard their popcorn is addictive! Pair the sweet kettle corn with a slightly sour lemonade to create a great combo.

All the trucks featured this year are staples within the York County area. They come with must-try recommendations from locals and the promise of unique flavor combos. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure at The Fresh & Now, USDGC, and Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship.

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Are you ready to unlock a world of disc golf excitement like never before? Tickets for the 25th United States Disc Golf Championship and Throw Pink Women’s Championship drop July 5. With options catering to various budgets and preferences, attendees are in for an unforgettable experience at the highly anticipated tournament, held at the renowned Winthrop Championship Course.

Gold Pass

Leading the pack is the exclusive USDGC Gold Pass, limited to only 100 lucky individuals. Priced at $250, this premium pass grants holder a plethora of perks and access throughout the championship.

Gold Pass holders will enjoy four-day access to all eight rounds of Championship play, ensuring they don't miss a single moment of the thrilling action. Additionally, they will be treated to a private autograph session with the 2023 USDGC and TPWDGC Champions, allowing for memorable interactions with the sport's top talents.

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VIP Pass

For those seeking a premium experience with a larger capacity, the VIP Pass is the ideal choice. This pass offers exceptional value at different price points depending on the sales phase. VIP passes are available for just $60 during a four-day pre-sale leading up to July 4th. 

VIP passes increase to $80 during the Early Bird phase, which runs from July 5th through September 11th. The VIP price moves to $100 beginning on September 12th. 

Each VIP Pass provides four-day access to all eight rounds of the USDGC and Throw Pink Championship play. Attendees will also have the opportunity to enjoy evening concerts in Championship Village after each day's play concludes. Convenient on-course parking at Winthrop Coliseum and a commemorative VIP Laminate Credential complete the package, ensuring a memorable experience.

Day Pass

For those unable to commit to the full tournament experience, the Day Pass offers flexibility and excitement. Priced at $25 during the advance sales period, the Day Pass provides access to any single day of competition from October 5-8.

Day Pass holders will also have the opportunity to enjoy the evening concert in Championship Village after the day's play concludes. Free parking adjacent to the USDGC 18-Hole Spectator Course ensures hassle-free attendance.

Secure Your Spot

Get ready to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere, cheer on your favorite players, and be part of disc golf history in the making. It's a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of the game.

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