The championship's thrilling conclusion unfolded during the final round. As the day began, no participant held a substantial enough advantage to claim victory with certainty. Recognizing this as a chance to seize glory, numerous competitors embraced daring tactics in pursuit of a triumphant outcome. However, only one could take the title of champion for each championship.

Holyn Handley Crowned 2023 TPWDGC Champion

Photo by - Chad LeFevre

For the first time in Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship history, an athlete from the chase card won the whole thing. Holyn Handley, who started the day in 4th, rose three spots to win the entire thing. The final round of the women’s championship was hard fought. Kristin Tattar and Eveliina Salonen started T1 and took turns being in the lead on the front 9, while Handley slowly climbed up in the ranks. A series of unfortunate OB’s dashed Salonen's chances, allowing Handley to claim her position.

As they reached Hole 18, Handley held a slim lead of -2, closely pursued by Tattar. Handley threw, went OB twice, before making a 27’ putt for a double bogey. Tattar's throw, on the other hand, landed safely in the fairway, and she expertly parked her disc beneath the basket for a birdie. The two were tied, guaranteeing a playoff. The first playoff hole ended in a tie. Then on hole 2, Tattar overthrew right into the water, while Handley’s disc landed securely on the fairway, securing her title of 2023 TPWDGC Champion.

Kyle Klein Earns 2023 USDGC Champion Title

Third crush boy Kyle Klein climbed the leaderboard during the final round, securing the lead and championship title. The final day started with Klein in 4th place and Joel Freeman in the lead, followed by bomber Bradley Williams. Freeman had shot mainly pars during the front 9, while Klein got birdie after birdie, just two shy of shooting an all birdie front 9. Like we mentioned during the round 3 recap, Klein kept up his 1st place spot in number of birdies on the course and 1st in parked drives.

Kyle on hole 5 Photo by - Chad LeFevre

Going into the final hole, Klein had a hefty lead over Williams. Unless Klein pulled a Richard, the crowd knew he was going to win the championship. In an unexpected twist, Klein's two out-of-bounds shots left him in a precarious 1-point lead, causing fans to anxiously await the outcome as both competitors prepared for their putts. Klein’s secure lead quickly turned into a 1 point difference. Fans were biting their nails as the two competitors got ready to putt. Williams sunk his putt from 16’, securing a bogey. The championship title hinged on Klein’s putt. With a 5' putt remaining, Klein demonstrated nerves of steel, sinking the putt to secure a double bogey, first ever major win, and the title of the 25th Anniversary USDGC Champion.

The End

Photo by - Chad LeFevre

The 25th anniversary of the USDGC was a success. The village was the largest is has ever been with over 30 vendors, more savory food trucks, and The Fresh & Now concert series. There were more spectators onsite than any other year before. And the championship is just getting better.

Watch the post-produced coverage on Jomez’s YouTube channel on October 19.

The third round of the 25th United States Disc Golf Championship and 3rd Throw Pink Women's Disc Golf Championship was filled with thrills, drama, and an unexpected adversary: the relentless and gusty winds that swept across the Winthrop University Arena Course.

In the Throw Pink Women's Disc Golf Championship, leader Eveliina Salonen faced a stiff challenge from fellow competitors attempting to dethrone her. Meanwhile, in the US Disc Golf Championship, the world watched as the athletes on the lead card switched places. Let’s dive in and cover what happened Saturday during the USDGC and TPWDGC.

Gallery at USDGC

Round 3 Recap of the Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship

Eveliina Salonen was able to hold onto her 1st place position during round 3 of the TPWDGC. Salonen started the day at -14 and finished at 19 under. Overall, she shot a 5 under round, a 2 point improvement from round 2. The competitor was able to scramble on hole 2 to save par, but wasn’t as lucky on holes 3 and 14, landing her in 2nd place. Determined to climb back to first, Salonen made an aggressive play on the notoriously difficult hole 18, resulting in an impressive birdie and 1st place position.

Eveliina on Hole 7 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Joining Salonen in first was Kristin Tattar, who started round 3 on the chase card at -9 and fought her way up 5 positions to T1. Tattar, who is currently ranked 1st in the world, shot a whopping 10 birdies, taking the 1st place ranking in birdies from Salonen. Hole 8 tested the competitor, who threw OB, but had a successful scramble for par. The shot of the day for Tattar was on 467’ hole 15, where she locked into the basket and made an impressive C2 putt through the trees for the bird. Tattar's performance on hole 6 certainly merits recognition, as her drive landed impeccably beneath the basket, setting up a straightforward birdie and highlighting her skill and precision on the course.

Kristin on Hole 7 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Maintaining her 3rd place position, Ella Hansen, who began the 3rd round at 11 under, concluded with a final score of -17. Hansen played consistently throughout, encountering only 2 out-of-bounds shots that led to bogeys and showcasing her prowess with an eagle on the challenging 362’ Hole 9. However, on Hole 18, a collective gasp swept through the gallery as we all cringed at the heart-wrenching sound of her disc hitting the rim of the basket instead of finding chains. A potential birdie slipped from her grasp, forcing Hansen to settle for a par finish.

Holyn Handley started Saturday with a score of 10 under and finished 13 under, dropping 1 spot to 5th. An accident on hole 18 turned into one of the most impressive putts of the day. Handley slipped, causing her disc to just miss its target and slip over the first wall down towards the lake. Still inbounds, Handley climbed down to make the incredibly steep 16’ putt. Her disc met the chains in a remarkable fashion, securing a par.

Round 3 Recap of the US Disc Golf Championship

Going into day 3, Joel Freeman was in the lead at 19 under. The wind, which got stronger as the day continued, tested Freeman constantly. The athlete threw 5 OB shots, one of which was hole 14, which he has struggled to conquer in this tournament. One of the other OB’s was on the 371’ hole 6. Freeman had a successful scramble and was able to save par with a massive 49’ putt! Another 49’ putt occurred on hole 16, where he got a birdie. Despite making some majestic putts, Freeman dropped to T3 and is heading into round 4 at 17 down.

Sullivan Tipton is tied with Freeman for 3rd. Tipton played steady with 5 bogeys and 5 birdies, leaving him with an even round and an immaculate 100% C1X putting rating.

Sullivan Tipton - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Bradley Williams, who had jumped 11 spots yesterday landing in the 4th place position, climbed up again. Williams, who started day 3 fifteen under, rose to 2nd place with a -19 total. The athlete played to win, trusting the wind to work with him as he threw long drives. His most impressive play of the day was his epic 60’ putt on hole 16, saving him par after an OB shot on the drive. Williams is one to keep an eye on going into the final day. 

Bradley Williams putting on hole 14 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

With a 3 point lead, Kyle Klein took 1st on round 3 and continues to rank 1st in number of birdies secured during this tournament. He also is ranked 1st in C1X putting at 89%. If Klein is able to continue keeping his drives on the fairway and putts lasered into the basket, he will win the 25th USDGC.

Kyle Klein - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

The final round of the championship ought to be an exciting one, with none of the first place athletes holding a massive lead. As we enter the final round, brace yourselves for an exhilarating round filled with aggressive plays from athletes striving for that coveted 1st place position and $30,000 payout. Tune in to the live coverage on the DGN broadcast or witness the excitement in person with a pass from DGU!

Birdies and Scrambles

Able to hold onto 1st is Eveliina Salonen, who started the day at -11 and finished at -14. Round 2 did not go as well as round 1, with 2 OB shots on hole 9 and 17. However, a scramble on hole 9 saved her from losing her lead to Blomroos, who eagled the hole. Some notable shots were a laser drive on hole 4, giving her an effortless C1 putt for the birdie. Salonen hit the bullseye on the 282’ hole 6, giving her another C1 putt for the birdie.

Eveliina and Henna on Zuca, INC's hole 7 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

The pivotal moment of the round for Henna Blomroos arrived on hole 11, where Blomroos had a chance to seize the lead. She skillfully parked her drive in C1, but unfortunately, her putt for an eagle narrowly missed the mark. Luckily for her, Salonen bogeyed the hole, and Blomroos took 1st. The victory was short-lived, after a bogey on holes 14 and 16, followed by a double bogey on 17. Blomroos has maintained her lead by getting more birdies than any other TPWDGC competitor thus far.

Blomroos on Hole 3 - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Kristin Tattar, despite having an impressive 38’ putt on hole 1 and solid drive that landed in C1 on hole 14 for a birdie, fell 3 spots to 6th. 4 bogeys with a lack of birdies to make up for it led to a short fall on the leaderboard. She finished the round -9.

Ella Hansen took her place on the lead card with a whopping 11 birdie round. She had a scramble on hole 2, but was able to trust her game and save par. She wasn’t as lucky on hole 17, when the OB led to her only bogey of the day. She wrapped up the day 10 under par.

Holyn Handley, a 1st time TPWDGC competitor, found herself rising from the chase card to the lead card during round 2. She had an impressive 5 OB scrambles and an eagle on hole 9.

A Sprinkle of Aces

Joel Freeman continues to hold 1st, with a 1 point lead over Klein and 2 over Tipton. So far in the tournament, Freeman has remained consistent shooting only 1 point better than Round 1. The pro shot another eagle on Hole 10, proving that he’s mastered that hole, and 9 birds. The two bogeys came from holes 5 and 14.

20-yr-old Kyle Klein started his round -9 and had an electric round with an 89% fairway hit rate and an astonishing 22% of shots parking right on target. Hole 2 and 12 proved troublesome for Klein, with a bogey on 2 and an OB shot resulting in a double bogey on 12. The professional swiftly recovered, achieving par on the 13th hole and then securing consecutive birdies for the remainder of the day, surpassing all other players in the tournament with the highest number of birdies. Most impressive was his putt on hole 16. Despite a nearly out-of-bounds drive, he executed a phenomenal C2 putt. 

Kyle Klein - Photo by: Chad LeFevre

Starting the day -9, Sullivan Tipton didn’t have the round he needed to catch up to Klein and Freeman, but was able to maintain 3rd with an epic ace on the 284’ Zuca, Inc. hole 7. 

Robert Burridge, who started -9, did not have as much luck, finishing the day -8. Burridge had a +1 round with bogeys on top of bogeys and 3 OB shots, resulting in a T27 finish. 

Bradley Williams jumped 11 spots, taking the 4th place position from Burridge. Williams started the round at -5, but was able to land 11 birds giving him a round score of -10. The only hole that gave him a run for his money was hole 9, where he went OB. 

With scores differing by only 1 or 2 points, the championship remains wide open for anyone to seize. A single misstep or off day can swiftly remove a player from the lead card. As we enter Round 3, brace yourselves for an exhilarating competition filled with aggressive plays from athletes striving for that coveted 1st place position. Tune in to the live coverage on the DGN broadcast or witness the excitement in person with a pass from DGU!

Disc golf enthusiasts and fans of the sport around the world have been eagerly awaiting the start of the 2023 United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC) and Throw Pink Women's Disc Golf Championship (TPWDGC). As two of the most prestigious events in the disc golf calendar, these tournaments promise thrilling action and fierce competition among the world's top disc golfers. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights and surprises from the first round of these tournaments, which are shaping up to be unforgettable.


The USDGC, hosted at the famous Winthrop Arena Course in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has a long history of challenging players with its unique layout. This year is no different, as the course has been updated to provide an even more rigorous test of skill. The first round did not disappoint, as players fought emotionally challenging holes, making for exciting rounds of disc golf.

Joel Freeman - Photo By: Chad LeFevre
  1. Joel Freeman, currently in the lead, shot an impressive 10 under round, filled with pars and birdies. It wasn’t until hole 18, a universally challenging hole, that he received his first bogey of the tournament. What’s most impressive about his round was an eagle on Throw Pink’s hole 10. The hole, which is 549’, includes a tight fairway, with an area to land around the basket that is 33’’ from the basket in almost any direction. Instead of taking a roundabout route, Freeman landed within C1, and landed the putt. One of only 16 players to eagle the hole.
  2. Tied for 2nd is Sullivan Tipton, Robert Burridge, and Kyle Klein, shooting a -9 round. Holding the trio back were bogeys on key holes around the course. Klein double bogeyed on Hole 2, but was able to make up for it with an eagle on 10. Tipton, unable to score an eagle, birdied on 11 holes, with only 2 bogeys. Burridge bogeyed on hole 12 and birdied 10 holes. 

If all are able to keep their mental game strong, the championship could go to anyone. Going into day 2, the scores will come down to strategy and mental game. Each hole demands special treatment, and you can’t approach the same. The players must know when to attack and when to play safe in order to take the lead.


The Throw Pink Women's Disc Golf Championship is a relatively newer event but has quickly gained prominence in the sport. The first round showcased some impressive talent in the women's division.

  1. Eveliina Salonen shot an amazing round with -11 under. The start of the round wasn’t great with a bogey, but Salonen didn’t let that deter her. She swung around and got a birdie on hole 2. She shot a solid round with an impressive eagle on hole 9, which has a tight fairway, and circle 1 putt. With a solid 75% C1 average, Salonen is one to watch this year. 
  2. Henna Blomroos came in a close second, shooting a -10 round. If Blomroos keeps up the game, she could easily take the lead with a higher C1 average (79%) and an equal fairway hit as Salonen. 
  3. Coming in 3rd is Kristen Tattar, 2023 world champion and winner of all majors this season. What hurt Kristen were bogeys on hole 4 and 15. 
Henna Blomroos - Photo By: Chad LeFevre

The leaderboard in the women’s division is tightly packed and we can expect the competition to go anyone’s way. At this point, with this close of a score, the championship can go anyone’s way. As the 2023 USDGC and TPWDGC progress, fans can anticipate even more drama, remarkable shots, and unexpected turns of events. Make sure to tune in to the broadcast on DGN, or watch live with passes from DGU.

Disc golf history was made at the USDGC during Saturday’s final round when Paul McBeth won his first USDGC and completed disc golf’s Grand Slam in the process when he beat Richard Wysocki by five strokes.

Coming from three strokes behind to start the day, McBeth shot a 61 (-6), overtaking Round 3 leader Nate Sexton, then eventually outlasting Richard Wysocki when Wysocki stumbled on Hole 17, clearing the way for a McBeth victory.

Rounding out the top five 2015 finishers are: 3rd place Nate Doss (-18), 4th place Nate Sexton (-15), and 5th place Cameron Colglazier (-14).

Paul McBeth
Paul McBeth

McBeth lives up to the hype

For months leading up to the 2015 USDGC, most of the talk centered around Paul McBeth and the chances of him completing disc golf’s Grand Slam. McBeth definitely came through. McBeth, who shot (-26) for the Championship, submitted eight birdies and only made two bogeys on a day with tough weather conditions.

“I threw some bad drives at the beginning and had to work that out throughout the round since we didn’t have much chance to warm up with the weather,” McBeth said after the round. “I was able to keep it in bounds and keep the putts falling for most of the round and they came up huge on the last two holes.”

McBeth was one of only six players in the Open Flight to shoot below par on a Saturday that featured soggy course conditions from morning rain that stopped for several holes on the front nine but started up again by Hole 10 and hung around with gusty winds through Hole 14.

Nate Sexton
Nate Sexton

Sexton runs out of steam on Saturday

Nate Sexton started the day ahead of Wysocki and McBeth by three strokes. However after he made birdies on Holes 1 and 3, he couldn't capitalize on birdie opportunities for the rest of his round. He ended up shooting a disappointing 75 (+8). Fourth place may be a let down for Sexton, but he still had one of his best USDGC finishes to date continuing his strong appearances here at Winthrop.

Several lead changes

With Sexton cooling off not long after the round had started, McBeth and Wysocki took advantage with several birdies a piece by Hole 9. On Hole 9, Sexton then fell hard with a double bogey, and Wysocki took the lead by three strokes with a birdie. McBeth also made a big birdie here and overtook Sexton but was now one stroke back of Wysocki.

McBeth then took his first lead of the event by two strokes after Hole 12 when he scored a clutch birdie and Wysocki suffered a triple bogey.

On the very next hole Wysocki tied it back up with a birdie on the tough Hole 13, while McBeth went OB off the tee and ended up with a bogey.

Two holes later McBeth retook the lead by one when he secured a par on the hole while Wysocki made bogey after his second throw, a sidearm roller, went OB.

The excitement continued on Hole 16 as Wysocki tied it up yet again after a sweet sidearm drive led him to a birdie. He would’ve taken the lead, but McBeth sunk a clutch 45-foot putt to save par after landing in the hazard.

McBeth said he had a moment with himself before walking up to the tough putt, “I kind of laughed before I made that putt, because I knew how important it was. That’s what I play for though. Those moments. I was able to make that and put the pressure on Ricky going into Hole 17.”

Ricky Wysocki
Ricky Wysocki

Hole 17 Strikes again.

Tied up with two holes left to play for the Championship, Wysocki, up first on the tee, could only land inside the island green after throwing two sidearm drives OB. After that, McBeth just needed to land his backhand inside the green safely and his Grand Slam would likely be his. After staring down his throw, he watched it land safely and let out a pumped up reaction.

“I threw my Nova all four times on that hole and birdied it all four times during the tournament. I threw the same shot every round and was in the same spot every round,” McBeth explained.

Up by five strokes, all McBeth had to do was coast through Hole 18’s fairway to claim his first USDGC and disc golf’s Grand Slam, which was exactly what he did.

“There are so many young players coming up and this will push me even harder,” McBeth explained. “I now have more titles to defend. That’s my favorite thing: defending titles.”

Too much ground to make up for Doss.

Doss had some ups and downs during the rainy final round but did not have enough momentum to make a strike by the round’s end. Still, he turned in a rare score in the negatives on Saturday shooting a 65 (-2).

Wysocki gets credit for battling with McBeth

Shooting a 66 (-1), you have to give credit to Wysocki for all the fight he showed during the final round. Wysocki has definitely earned his USDGC stripes with his gutsy performance and will definitely be a favorite to go far next year.

So what’s next for McBeth as disc golf’s first Grand Slam Champion? We’ll see, he’s certainly proved he can fulfill even the toughest expectations.

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With a three stroke lead, Noah Meintsma just needs one more good round to become the 2015 Performance Flight Champ on Saturday. However, Anthony Hauf, who beat his projected 86 by 10 strokes during Friday’s Round 3, has his own plans to take the flight. Others near the top of the Performance Flight after three rounds are: Brock Shepherd (-20), and Ezra Robinson and Jeffrey Spring are at (-19).

After Friday’s round, Hauf said he’s going to try to finish strong for the final round by correcting a few mistakes from Round 3.

Jeffrey Spring
Jeffrey Spring is six strokes back of the lead.

“The only holes that get me are Hole 5 and ‘888’ (Hole 13) and if I can make corrections on those I can shoot under the course par,” said Hauf.

Meintsma beat his projected 76 by four strokes today, but thought he could do better.

“I just had too many OB’s today,” said Meintsma. But a bright spot was making a four on Hole 13 for the third time in a row.

Tomorrow, the forecasted rain could have a definite effect on play. Meintsma says he’ll try to keep his disc as dry as possible and may slow down his swing a bit to ensure accuracy and save a few strokes.

Noah Meintsma
Noah Meintsma

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With one round left to play for the US Championship, Nate Sexton and his superb sidearm continue to lead the field at (-23), while Paul McBeth and Richard Wysocki made big moves during Friday’s Round 3 to jump to second at (-20) after they both shot a 57 (-10).

Sexton knows this is still far from over, “Leading with 18 holes to play feels great. There is no better spot to be. You can’t envy anyone who is one stroke behind though. I know there will be pressure, but I’m not focused on who’s behind me or how far ahead I might be. I’m just going to play golf that I can be proud of and if that wins, that’s great.”

Nate Doss was tied for the lead at the round’s start, but caught a few rough breaks at the end of the round and now trails by seven strokes, but he’ll remain on the lead card on Saturday, which could be a wet one. Forecasts are calling for moderate winds and periods of rain.

Other players positioning themselves for the final round Saturday include: Steve Brinster and Zach Melton at (-15), Cameron Colglazier at (-14).

McBeast flips the switch

Paul McBeth
Paul McBeth

It looks like McBeth may have finally found his stride on Friday when he shot a 57 (-10) after shooting two rounds of 62 (-5). The sizable Friday gallery was definitely paying him close attention. He had 12 birdies and one eagle during his breakout round, which could've been even lower without his two bogeys and a double bogey on the back nine. He should be in good position to make a run at completing his Grand Slam season on Saturday.

“It’s time to put some pressure on Nate (Sexton) and the others on the lead card,” McBeth said after the round. “I need to come out hot and clean up those mistakes on the stretch of Holes 11, 12, 13, and 14. I’ve given away too many strokes there.”

Nate Sexton keeps plodding ahead

Nate Sexton
Nate Sexton

Sexton encountered a little trouble on holes 12 and 13, making bogey on each, but besides that he was staying in between the ropes as he relied heavily on his sidearm and ended with 60 (-7). On Hole 11, a clutch sidearm third shot helped save par after an errant tee shot went fairly deep into the hole’s right hedge. As Sexton was preparing for a jump putt on Hole 17 for birdie he made the wise call of waiting for a loud diesel truck to pass by across the lake. “I thought it was a boat,” he remarked to the crowd after stepping away from his lie. After regrouping, he then stepped back up and nailed his putt.

Wysocki makes final round lead card

Ricky Wysocki rd3 web
Ricky Wysocki

There was only one hiccup for Wyscoki, which came with a bogey on hole 5. Besides that he was golden, especially on the back nine, birdying everything except holes 10 and 15. Wysocki now finds himself in a similar position to 2012 when he was on the lead card and nearly went the distance.

“Being in the lead group is a great spot to be on the final day,” Wysocki stated with a smile. “Now I can make my move.”

Doss corrects rocky start, but skids on Hole 17.

No doubt Doss didn’t have the clean start he wanted. Though he made birdie on Hole 2 and saved a par from the hazard on hole 3, he made bogey on Hole 1 and then made double bogey on Hole 4. However, Doss began playing more controlled after the back nine and looked to be back in contention after birdies on holes 15 and 16. But then his layup tee shot went OB on Hole 17. He laid up again and after landing in the island, he missed his putt and had to settle for a triple bogey. Then on Hole 18 his second shot was ruled OB after several minutes of the group examining the lie. Still he finished the hole strong with a par save.

One round is all that’s left to crown the 2015 US Champion. Saturday we’ll see if McBeth can continue his hot play and capture disc golf’s Grand Slam. Or, will we see Wysocki take control? With Sexton’s steady play he won’t relinquish the lead easily. The final round will be a big one for sure.

The lead group's round from today was also streamed live by The SpinTV in association with SmashboxxTV. Check the archived footage here.

Ace Alert:

Pasi Koivu aced Hole 17 and Stale Hakstad, of the Performance Flight, aced Hole 14. See Ståle's ace video below:

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During the Performance Flight’s Round 2 on Thursday, Jeffrey Spring beat his projected 78 by 15 strokes and is now beating his projected by a total of 19 strokes, trailing flight leader Noah Meintsma by only two strokes.  Meintsma again beat his projected 76, this time by five strokes, and is besting his projection by a total of 21 strokes.

Noah Meintsma
Noah Meintsma

Others near the top of the Performance Flight are: Ezra Robinson (-16), Edward Schenkenfelder (-14), and Holly Finley (-13).

Anthony Siefker (-12) was in second place after the first round, but didn’t have the round he wanted on Thursday. He shot an 82, beating his projection by one.

“All in all I didn’t have a bad day, I just caught some rough breaks,” said Siefker.

Though he said, “it did make me respect the course more.”

Siefker will set out Friday with the same game plan that worked for him on Wednesday, with the hopes that the breaks he sees are mostly good.

Anthony Siefker
Anthony Siefker

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It was a tale of two Nates, as both Nate Doss and Nate Sexton battled during Round 2 of USDGC on Thursday and both ended up deadlocked for the USDGC lead at (-16). Trailing our co-leaders are: Alex Geisinger (-11), and Zach Melton, Richard Wysocki, and Paul McBeth are all at (-10).

Nate Doss
Nate Doss

Doss’s lead shrinks as he battles with Sexton

Doss, who shot a 62 (-5) entered the round with a three stroke lead over Sexton and Eagle McMahon and increased it to four strokes after Hole 11. However, Sexton, who shot another 59 (-8), cut at Doss’s lead until he took the lead for the first time after Hole 15. There, an amazing sidearm roller off the tee led to a straddle putt for birdie while Doss struggled for bogey.

Doss then tied it up with an easy birdie after he laced a drive down hole 16. But, Sexton regained the lead the following hole when his sidearm drive landed him safely inside the island green and he hit his putt, while Doss laid up for par. Up by one, Sexton, however, had to settle for par on Hole 18, while Doss’s backhand again was true on his approach and landed him on the green and led to a birdie, tying it all up for Round 3.

After the round, Sexton said Round 2 was quite the roller coaster, “Through 13 holes I think I only had one par on the scorecard. I had three bogeys and nine birdies and one par through 13, so kind of a strange round. I was playing aggressive and that says something. I’m happy with that.”

Nate Sexton
Nate Sexton

Beast mode engaged?

Fans at home may be wondering when Grand Slam chaser Paul McBeth will turn on the "Beast Mode". After shooting another 62 (-5), the four-time World Champ still finds himself among the pack at (-10) for the Championship.

“I feel good. I’m still making a lot of mistakes out there,” McBeth said after the round. “I had half good holes and half bad. There is a lot of room for improvement. Another 62, another 5 (shots) down. My putting was on point today. Made every putt inside the circle and some outside. Just bigger numbers today, made some mistakes, too many bogeys.”

Paul McBeth
Paul McBeth

Colglazier has hot round until Hole 18

Cameron Colglazier, who is at (-9) for the Championship, was at (-10) before taking a 7 on  Hole 18, which cooled him down to 60 (-7).

Colglazier said he’s happy with how things went, “I play aggressive wherever I go and the shots were flowing and I was keeping them inbounds and making putts until 18. I threw out of bounds on my second and third shots and took a seven…I feel good moving into Friday. I’ll continue to be aggressive.”

Zach Melton, shooting (-10) for the Championship, made some moves on Friday also with a 60 (-7).

Crucial Round 3 will setup Saturday’s showdown

Friday’s Round 3 is a big one. We’ll see if McBeth can turn it on or if it will continue to be the Nate Doss and Nate Sexton show? Or, will dark horses like Alex Geisinger continue to work their way up?

Current Leaders:
1. Nate Sexton (-16)
1. Nathan Doss (-16)
3. Alex Geisinger (-11)
4. Zach Melton (-10)
4. Paul McBeth (-10)
4. Ricky Wysocki (-10)
7. Cameron Colglazier (-9)
7. Jeremy Koling (-9)
7. Nikko Locastro (-9)
7. Michael Johansen (-9)
11. David Feldberg (-8)
11. Teemu Nissinen (-8)
11. Henrik Johansen (-8)
11. Eagle Wynne McMahon (-8)
15. Barry Schultz (-7)

Other notable competitors:
20. Steve Brinster (-5)
25. Will Schusterick (-3)
25. Ken Climo (-3)

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2008 US Champ Nate Doss took early control of the USDGC leaderboard during Wednesday’s Round 1 after his blistering 56 (-11), while defending US Champ Will Schusterick skidded hard concluding his round and finished with a 69 (+2).

Nate Doss
Nate Doss

Wednesday's pleasant weather was a far cry from conditions in the days leading up to the event. Others near the top include: Nate Sexton and USDGC rookie Eagle McMahon, who both shot 59 (-8); and Michael Johansen 61 (-6).

McBeth keeps Grand Slam dream alive

With his 62 (-5), four-time World Champ and Grand Slam chaser Paul McBeth finds himself among the pack along with Richard Wysocki, 5-time US Champ Ken Climo, James Proctor, and others.

Doss was definitely enjoying his USDGC kick off after turning in his 56 (-11), which included only one bogey on Hole 17 when he laid up off the tee, then tossed into the island, but missed his putt.

“I came into the tournament basically saying if I could shoot in the 50’s I thought that would be amazing. And when I just did my scorecard I wrote down 56 - I was really a little bit surprised,” said Doss.

Michael Johansen
Michael Johansen

Defending champ has a rough start

Schusterick certainly didn’t have the start he wanted to defend his US Title. After being three under through 12 holes, he got bogeys on holes 13 and 14, and then scored a triple bogey and a double bogey on holes 17 and 18 respectively.

When asked what his thoughts were after the round, he replied: “Just a lot of mistakes, way too many. I think it’s probably my worst round in the last five years at this tournament.”

Jeremy Koling said the day’s first tee time slot treated him mostly well, finishing with 63 (-4). He started off six under on the front nine, but then lost some of those birdies down the stretch. With his best USDGC finish in the 20’s, Koling’s goal is to make the lead card so he’s dialed down his aggressive strategy of the past.

“I was looking at this more: ‘How can I keep it more in the ropes, especially on the holes with stroke and distance’ (Holes 9, 10, 12, 17, and parts of 13)”, Koling concludes.

Masters players also in contention

The 5-time USDGC Champion Ken Climo is also in pace of the lead with his 62 (-5) for the day. "I'll come out a little more aggressive tomorrow. I played a little tentative today and will be aggressive tomorrow and hit my lines exact.", says the 12-time MPO World Champion.

Ken Climo
Ken Climo

Patrick Brown, who finished 4th last year, said he felt pretty good about his performance 64 (-3) despite difficulty warming up. He was also pleased the course fared well during last week’s storms.

“I’m very grateful that the course didn’t get destroyed from all of the flooding that happened south of us,” said Brown.

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For official photo galleries from USDGC 2015, see here. All official videos will also be posted here.

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